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7 Smart Steps To Smash The Coding Interview

7 Smart Steps To Smash The Coding Interview
Image Source - Unsplash.com

There’s a certain difference in the way you view life when working in the IT sector, a different way of working, planning your daily schedule and living. This is something which seems to be more and more the case as we approach the next age of digitization.

Post the COVID scare, people have begun to realize the benefit of working from home and have begun shifting things to the computer. From schools to shops, marketing to media and research to railway bookings. Within such a shifting economy, the number of emerging jobs in the tertiary sector are expected to rise along with it.

With the world at an all time high and number of working individuals skyrocketing to almost 3.5 billion in the formal sector alone, you can see how jobs in programming and other computer related aspects are sure to rise.

Source: World Bank

In 2017, in the United States alone, almost 1.36 million people were employed as software developers. As per sources, the number of software jobs had gone up to nearly 4.2 million by 2019.

Source: Daxx

Looking at these statistics you can conclude that in two years there has been an increase in jobs exceeding 200 %. This means, the total number of jobs has tripled in two years, an increase in almost 1.4 million jobs each year. This ridiculous number can only be attributed to increased demand for these jobs in the current and coming years.

In such a scenario, hundreds of thousands of individuals work their hair off to get a job in this sector. So for you to break the barrier of obscurity and land yourself a job in this much desired industry, here are some things you should do:

  • Plan Your Schedule

Having a fixed schedule everyday can ensure you have a good rhythm, in waking up and sleeping on time, working and resting at set times and having your peak and lowest brain performance at set times, this will help you find a perfect, fixed time where your brain can work to the best of it’s potential.

  • Eat Well

Quite surprisingly, eating on time and in the right quantities can reduce the amount of effort you need as well as keep your brain at top performance when you need it. 

A good diet of protein, fat and carbohydrates can make all the difference in your interview, keeping you looking fit and strong as well as alert and active for the fated day.

  • Have A Fixed Programming Language/ Languages

When you are practicing coding for an interview, you’ll need to have a few fixed languages so that you can master them before attending your interview. Having a mastery in different languages can boost your worth in the eyes of different employers. 

With Python for Machine Learning, C for Assembly and Javascript for deeper frontend and backend coding, there are several variations of combinations that may be utilized for a better coverage of all domains of coding.

  • Work Hard On The Theory

Once you have picked a programming language of your choice you must make sure that your logic and understanding pertaining to each language is on point as quite a few questions may be directed towards your core knowledge of the language.

  • Practice Problems:

Practicing a number of coding problems each day can benefit you greatly for your interview. Make sure that you have had sufficient practice and go through some problems a few days before the interview day.

With most websites only offering expensive aid problems and courses, interview kickstart gives you access to great content after great thought and effort.

They give you problems for absolutely free. The Interview Kickstart Blog can prove quite useful.

  • Mock Interviews And Additional Practice:

This is something that you find a lot of trouble obtaining either online or offline. The only real way to get around this is by watching videos by channels like Interview Kickstart on Youtube who provide great interview advice and tips and even explain what it will feel like to be in an interview. 

With the software world expanding at such a tremendous rate it would be near impossible to catch up if not for these organizations.