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Slow Internet Driving You Crazy? Give These Tricks a Try

Slow Internet Driving You Crazy? Give These Tricks a Try
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The internet is the magic that runs this modern world. It has enhanced each and every aspect of almost every person’s beyond the wildest imaginations. But what if this magic is not at its full potential? What if you are in the mood for a late-night binge of your favorite TV show but it takes forever to buffer? An uncomfortable thought, right?

Having the most expensive hardware and the most popular internet package is sometimes not enough. You need to take certain small steps from time to time to ensure that you enjoy your internet services without any interruptions whatsoever. Let’s see what you can do.

Troubleshoot Hardware

Often the problem with the connection is so simple that a mere push of a button on your router can do the trick. Your routers, along with the power button, also have a reboot button that can completely reset the router settings, transforming it into the default setting as when it came in the box.

Image Source – Unsplash.com

By rebooting the hardware you can let go of any small interferences with the router’s performance. If the problem still surfaces, there is an option to run the troubleshooter that performs a detailed diagnostic of the router. This will inform you of any and all problems that your router may be facing.

Relocate the Router

In most cases, you do not even need to go to the extent of rebooting your router. Even though routers provide a wireless connection throughout your home, their physical placement is still a significant factor.

A router’s signal strength is affected by physical obstacles in its path such as walls or cupboards and physical distance from the router to the devices will always affect the speed. Thus, keeping your router at a central location of your home is the ideal scenario for achieving the best internet speeds.

Wi-Fi Password

Your Wi-Fi password is not only for keeping intruders away from your network. A Wi-Fi password restricts unwanted users on the network, thus reducing the load on your network and making room in the bandwidth for the users that actually paid the bill.

Additionally, continuing to use the default password is not enough. The moment you install a router in your home, you should change its password to something that cannot be easily figured out.

Update the Firmware

All hardware is supported by some sort of software or firmware to achieve optimum functionality. Developers of such software frequently release updates, patches, and bug fixes that are aimed at resolving any minor or serious that the router may be facing. It is always a good idea to keep your firmware up to date. Who knows, the poor speed that you have been frustrated with maybe because of an out of date router firmware.

Disconnect a Few Devices

The router does give you the luxury of connecting numerous devices to it. This way your coffee maker, your smart speaker, your smartphone, and your laptop are all connected to a single network.

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We are not saying that the router will stop performing, but it will definitely affect the router’s performance. If so many devices are simultaneously connected to the same network, the router will have a limited contribution to each device individually. Go around your house and figure out which devices can be disconnected, maybe permanently, or at least until the next time they are needed. You will automatically feel the difference in the internet’s speed

Go Old School

Yes, a world without Wi-Fi feels like a horror, but the world still functioned quite well without it as well. There isn’t a shadow of a doubt that a wired connection is faster and more reliable than a wireless connection.

A wired connection allows you to dedicate a single Ethernet cable that connects a single device to the router directly. This way no other device will be sharing this power, and obviously providing you with much faster internet speeds

Most IT experts point out that if you are downloading things and looking at fast and stable internet speeds, then this is the best approach. Choosing movie files from sites like the ipiratebay.org requires a network connection that is best served by using an Ethernet. A Wi-Fi will unfortunately not be able to match up to the speeds that you are going to get from a direct line. 

Internet Plan

All internet service providers have a bunch of different internet plans on their portfolios. While some plans may be good for casual browsing and streaming, others are better suited for intense gaming and day-to-day virtual conferences with your boss. If you find yourself in the second category, it may be time to contact your internet service provider and ask about a stronger monthly plan for yourself.

Internet Service Provider

If all else fails, then it is definitely time to starting browsing for a new internet service provider. The internet service provider you are used to may have been at the top of their game at some point in time but no one stays at the top forever. There are numerous internet service providers that can offer better speeds at much better rates. For instance, Optimum internet is among the few viable options as it provides mind-boggling speeds, reasonable rates, and remarkable customer care for its clients.

Putting It All Together

Not all options apply to every scenario, however, we are confident that at least one of them may help you resolve your internet speed issue. Not to mention, you always have the option to start someplace new.