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Bleeding Hearts and Propaganda:
the Fall of Reason in the Church

Consequences attend error. Muddy thinking is dangereous thinking. Christian leadership must be clear-headed in the battle for truth. That, however, is not always the case. Popular church leaders sometimes lose their grip on truth and reason.

Today, as never before, Judeo-Christian civilization is besieged by incompletesometimes half-bakedphilosophies. The only alternative to barbarism is the moral restraint embodied in Western civilization, time-tested truth dating as far back as Mt. Sinai. Well-meaning leaders influenced by flawed reason unwittingly participate in the moral decline when they rewrite the definition of sin. An example of misplaced compassion for sinners is evidenced by the move to declare homosexuality normal, even sacred, when the Bible declares it to be sinful.

Foggy thinking reduces civil discourse to impassioned sloganeering. Buzzwords like "homophobia" replace reasoned argumentation of the issues themselves. Eventually, misguided passion becomes propaganda.