Have You Witnessed to a Mormon Lately?

As Mormonism spreads throughout America, evangelical Christians need to be prepared to confront Mormons with the Gospel of Christ. In Have You Witnessed to a Mormon Lately?, James Spencer carefully examines the errors of Mormonism, presents tactics for defending Christian truths, and reveals specific strategies for witnessing to Mormons. With this practical guide, youll find the information and encouragement you need to meet the challenge presented by the "Latter Day Saints."

About the Author:

James Spencer, an evangelical pastor, has written and lectured extensively on Mormonism and is a widely recognized authority in this area. Before he accepted Christ as his Savior, Jim Spencer was a missionary and Elder in the Mormon Church. His story is told in his first book, Beyond Mormonism: An Elders Story. Jim lives in Boise, Idaho, with his wife, Margaretta. They have three daughters.

Some of the names in this book have been changed to protect the privacy of the people involved.

Unless otherwise indicated, the Bible translation quoted is the New International Version, copyright © 1978 by New York International Bible Society. Italics have been added by the author.

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Spencer, James R. Have you witnessed to a Mormon lately?
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This book is dedicated to the victims of Mormonism. To the victims, really, of Joseph Smith, an imaginative necromancer who fell into something bigger than even he could imagine.


Part 1: Initial Encounters

Chapter One: Talking to Mormons

Chapter Two: The Special Problems of Talking to Mormons

Chapter Three: Beginnings

Chapter Four: Preparing for the Encounter

Chapter Five: Opening the Dialogue

Chapter Six: Encountering the Three Mormon Types

Chapter Seven:Expanding the Encounter


Part 2: Encounters of the Best Kind

Chapter Eight: The Nature of God

Chapter Nine: Revelation

Chapter Ten: The Book of Mormon

Chapter Eleven: How to Answer Mormon Questions


Part 3: Advanced Encounters

Chapter Twelve: Some Topics You Should Understand

Chapter Thirteen: The Mormon Family

Chapter Fourteen

Encountering Mormon Salvation Theology


Part 4: Wisdom for Exiting Mormons

Chapter Fifteen: New Hope in Dealing with Mormonism

Chapter Sixteen: How to Resign from the Mormon Church

Appendix A: The Book of Mormon and the Nature of God

Appendix B: Brigham H. Roberts: Mormon Giant Who Lost Confidence in the Book of Mormon

Appendix C: Solomon Spaldings Manuscript and the Book of Mormon

Appendix D: Psychological "Snapping in the Cults

My deepest appreciation to my wife, Margaretta, for helping me with the manuscript and for putting up with a man obsessed with what he thinks is a divine mission to rescue people (who, in most cases, dont want to be rescued) from the hell of religious oppression. I also thank Margaretta for the hours of proofreading and for her many useful suggestions.
I thank my congregation for their continued support of what is sometimes a controversial ministry.
Jim and Helen Close graciously provided a placefar from phonesfor me to work.
I thank Jim Witham for his enthusiasm and editorial help.
Im grateful to John Sherrill for his editorial suggestions.
And, last but not least, I thank those people who have touched my life with their zeal and love for those who are captive to the cultspeople like Ed Decker, Walter Martin, Jerald and Sandra Tanner, Pat Matrisciana, Dave Hunt, Johanna Michaelson, Hal Lindsey, Bob Larson, and John Ankerberg. Some of these have touched me personally, others I know only through their work, which is surely engraved in golden libraries in heaven.

Authors Note
Since I wrote the story of my own involvement in Mormonism (Beyond Mormonism: An Elders Story), I have received thousands of letters from all over the world. Many of them are from Mormons who write to say how the book has helped them sever the myriad gossamer threads of unholy doctrine.
I feel somewhat self-conscious sharing the private thoughts of these correspondents, which some will see as self-servinga sales pitch for my earlier book.
But I want (and Im sure those who wrote me share the same desire) to show the readers of this book how desperate and lonely their neighbors can be. Desperate for a listening earfor someone who will understand and who will pray.
The hope of these letters is that Mormons are being touched with the message of a Christ who loves, accepts, and forgives them.