Endorsements for Hard Case Witnessing

"One cannot but be impressed with the gifts and insights God has given Jim Spencer for seeking to make an effective entry of Gospel 'seed' into hardened soil. His spirit is not argumentative, yet he is authoritative. There is a worthy winsomeness to be cultivated in every Christian witness."
Jack Hayford
Pastor The Church on the Way
Van Nuys, California

Readable, on target and much needed....James Spencer challenges Christians to volunteer for service in the war against atheism and pantheism. Here men and women unacquainted with technical philosopical terms can appreciate the importance of presenting a solid case for belief in a person, moral creator. This book is needed.
Dr. Gordon Lewis,

Professor of Systematic Theology and Christian Philosphy
Denver Conservative Baptist Seminary

Hard Case WItnessing is another example of this man's ability to see through the smoke screen of deception and strike a blow for the freedom of those caught in the devil's complex web of lies. This book will prepare God's people to evangelize tough, sophisticated people.
Ed Decker
Author, The God Makers