Note: This text orginates from the initial copy I submitted for publication back in 1991. I fear there are lots of typos here. I would sincerely appreciate reports of any typos so that I can correct them. notify us

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Section 1: Identifying Hard Cases
1: Meeting the Hard Cases
2: The Devil's Legacy
3: The Call to Evangelism
4: The Call to Hard Case Witnessing

Section 2: Understanding Hard Cases
5: Approaching Hard Cases
6: The Roots of Error
7: The New Dark Ages

Section 3: Confronting Hard Cases
8: The Idol of Secularism: Evolution
9: Confronting Secularism
10: The Idol of Occultism: Mystery Religion
11: Confronting Occultism
12: The Idol of Cultism: Another Jesus
13: Confronting Cultism

Section 4: Liberating Hard Cases
14: The Power of the Gospel Message