This book has been difficult to write and could not have been completed without the support of many faithful people: My wife and companion, Margaretta, and my daughters, Jaime and Heather, who sacrificially allow me to invest so much time and energy in my ministry; Gordon Lewis, who brought focus and direction to the early manuscript; Dick Landis, who provided many valuable insights, much encouragement, and who challenged me toward clarity; Tim Moen, who provided faithful support and positive feedback, and who wrote the study questions; Ed Decker and Bill Schnoebelen and, posthumously, Walter Martin, who constantly remind me of the cost of apologetics; John Sherrill, who forced me toward precision; Tim Dart, Jane Campbell and Ann McMath, who did important editorial work; The many supporters of Through the Maze who, as patrons, make it possible for me to continue; Sonny and Judy Bowman, who hold down the fort; Jean, Estelle and all who pray for me; And pastors Dan Ferguson and Tony Maupin who counsel and protect me.