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the most offensive parts of the ceremony. I believe the Church violates its members by pressuring them to participate in the temple ceremony. Thank God much of the worst of it is now history. I am not naive enough to believe the Church made the changes because it had a change of heart. Rather, I feel the Church was caught red-handed by those of us who had been violated ourselves and blew the whistle. The Church's position is much like that of a renegade father who quit beating his child after being arrested for child abuse: he slackened the abuse, but his heart is not changed.

It is not that the Church couldn't change, but that it hasn't. Mormon scripture, for example, still claims that all other churches are wrong, that all their creeds are abominable, and that all who profess those creeds are corrupt. (Pearl of Great Price, Joseph Smith 2.19)

As valuable as this book and other works have been, a more amazing force a force from within the Church probably exerted a greater influence for change. Our ministries noted the occult roots of Mormonism and observed the occult practice in the temple, but none of us had any idea how deeply the occult was affecting some individual Mormons. The fruit of Mormon occultism was to be exposed, but not by one of us, but from the highest level of Mormon authority.

The most amazing Mormon revelation of the last 100 yearsperhaps the most amazing Mormon revelation ever

On October 25, 1991 I received a phone call from a man who said an article on the front page of the Salt Lake Tribune claimed that Satanic Ritual Abuse was widespread in Utah. I couldn't believe some of the details he was reporting. I was even more shocked when I read the articles myself and the ensuing articles which were printed in newspapers throughout the country. Investigative television newsmen backed up the print journalists. The Tribune said a Mormon General Authority had interviewed more than sixty people who reported witnessing or participating in hideous Satanic rituals. The article reported that Glenn L. Pace, Second Counselor in the Church's Presiding Bishopric stated that the rituals included "baptism by blood" and that children "were stuffed into plastic bags and immersed in water." The rituals even included "human sacrifice" (reported by 45 of the victims of the abuse). The rituals were performed by "Mormon leaders, temple workers, and members of the famed Mormon Tabernacle Choir." In addition, many of the rituals were "imitations" of some of the temple ceremonies. The claims were so mind-boggling as to be almost unbelievable. I seriously doubted the charges. But, the Church's public relations spokesman, Don LeFevre, promptly admitted that a twelve-page document on this subject had actually been prepared by Bishop Pace for the "Strengthening the Church Membership Committee." LeFevre also stated that "Bishop Pace was traveling in South America and unavailable for interviews." As of this writing, he has yet to make a public statement on the matter. However, Utah Governor, Norman Bangerter authorized a state investigation into allegations of ritual abuse in Utah.

Bishop Pace's document is terrible revealing. His interviews with the alleged victims convinced him that they were telling the truth. (See excerpts from the Pace Document below.) The interviews were conducted over a nearly two-year period. Bishop Pace's document is dated July 19th, 1990, demonstrating that the Church had been aware of this problem for at least a year before they announced the changes in the ceremony. It is likely that these revelations along with the pressure of books like this one convinced the Church leadership to drop the blood oaths and other especially repugnant parts of the temple ceremony.

Mormonism's Temple of Doom was written to call attention to the occult nature of the Mormon temple ceremony. By exposing these occult practices, we believe we help bring them to an end. When that happens, our Latter-day Saint friends are the clear winners.

James R. Spencer
January, 1992

Excerpts from the Bishop Pace Document
These quotations are taken from a twelve-page document written by Bishop Glenn L. Pace, Second Counselor in the Presiding Bishopric of the Mormon Church. It was "leaked to the press." Subsequently the Church acknowledged Bishop Pace had, indeed, written such document. Ritualistic child abuse is the most hideous of all child abuse. The basic objective is premeditated to systematically and methodically torture and terrorize children until they are forced to dissociate. The torture is not a consequence of the loss of temper, but the execution of well-planned, well thought-out rituals often performed by close relatives.

The irony is that one of the objectives of the occult is to create multiple personalities within the children in order to keep the "secrets." They live in society without society having any idea that something is wrong since the children and teenagers don't even realize there is another life occurring in darkness and in secret. However, when sixty witnesses testify to the same type of torture and murder, it becomes impossible for me, personally, not to believe them.

Children are put in a situation where they believe they are going to die, such as being buried alive or placed in a plastic bag and immersed in water. Prior to doing so, the abuser tells the child to pray to Jesus to see if He will save her. Imagine a seven-year-old girl, having been told she is going to die, praying to Jesus to save her and nothing happens then at the last moment she is rescued, but the person saving her is a representative of Satan. He uses this experience to convince her that the only person who really cares about her is Satan, she is Satan's child and she might as well become loyal to him.

Just before or shortly after their baptism into the church, children are baptized by blood into the satanic order which is meant to cancel out the baptism into the Church. They will be asked if they understand or have ever felt the Holy Ghost. When they reply that they have, they will be reminded of the horrible things they have participated in and will be told that they have become a son (or daughter) of perdition and, therefore, have no choice of being saved or loved by our Father in heaven or Jesus. Most victims are suicidal. They have been brainwashed with drugs, hypnosis, and other means to become suicidal as soon as they start to tell the secrets. They have been threatened all of their lives that if they don't do what they are told their brothers or sisters will die, their parents will die, their house will burned, or they themselves will be killed. They have every reason to believe it since they have seen people killed. They believe they might as well kill themselves instead of wait for the occult to do it. Some personalities feel it is the right thing to do.