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Ive been a student of religion and the occult sciences all my life. I was educated in Catholic schools and received a masters degree in Theological Studies from St. Francis Seminary in Milwaukee. I was, in fact, ordained a priest in the Old Catholic Church-English Rite.

However, like many other "religious" people, I was unsaved. I had not personally experienced the Grace of Christ. I was lost and on my way to hell.

Yet, I continued to study all manner of mystical religions. I became a Master Mason and a Wiccan High Priest. (See documentation at back of book).

Eventually my wife (also a student of the occult) and I investigated Mormonism and joined the Mormon Church. We were True Believers; we "had a testimony" that Joseph Smith was a True Prophet, that the Book of Mormon was scripture and that the Mormon Church was Gods True Church.

In due time we went to Salt Lake City to "take out our endowments" in the temple.

My occult background made my first view of the temple ceremony radically different from that of most other Mormons. I was prepared for, and indeed experienced, a spiritual encounter of the highest order although it was not a godly, but rather an ungodly, encounter.

This booklet documents some of the connections between Mormonism, Magick and Masonry, as they occur in Mormonisms Temple of Doom.

William Schnoebelen