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Many gracious people, who have read my first two books, Beyond Mormonism: An Elder's Story and Have You Witnessed to a Mormon Lately? (both by Chosen Books), have told me how much they appreciated my compassionate approach to Latter-day Saints. My motive in writing them was to attempt to create an atmosphere in which they could hear the gospel of Christ. In both of those books, I followed the maxim: "Truth without love is too hard; Love without truth is too soft."

My motivation has not changed in this current work. I want to expose the roots of Mormonism which, I have increasingly come to see, are occult. I believe that it is impossible to reach Latter-day Saints effectively until they have lost confidence in Mormonism. That, I believe, requires confrontation.

As G.K. Chesterton said:

    "There is notion abroad that to win a man we must agree with him. Actually, the opposite is true. Each generation has had to be converted by the man who contradicted it most. The man who is going in a wrong direction will never be set right by the affable religionist who falls into step beside him and goes the same way. Someone must place himself across the path and insist that the straying man turn around and go in the right direction."

Bill Schnoebelen originally talked with me about this book at Capstone Conference in July 1986. I was immediately interested in what he had to say. His unique background brought a clear perspective to what God was already teaching me about false religion: that very little is neutral in the kosmos. Whatever ground has not been dedicated by faith to the Kingdom of God, belongs, through Adam's capitulation, to the Kingdom of Hell. That is especially true in religious matters.

Some will doubtless think this is an inappropriate subject for public discussion. That we should leave the banalities and blasphemies of Mormon, Masonic, and Magick ceremony toas Abraham Lincoln said of slavery"stink in the dark". But necromancy, like slavery, must be rooted out. If the cults really are the unpaid bills of the church, then exposing Satanic practices (especially when they are done in the name of Christ) is a down-payment on those bills.

This book is written from Bill Schnoebelen's unique perspective as former witch, Catholic priest, Mason and Mormon. Bill was as religious as any man could be, as you will see in the documentation as the end of this book. Thank God he was delivered from religion into grace! I am proud to undertake, with Billa man I know to be a warrior of Goda task which I think is a project of liberation. Bill and I dedicate this work to those Latter-day Saints who will, because of this effort, "Come out of her!"

James R. Spencer