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Chronology of William Schnoebelen

09/22/68 1st Degree (Gardnerian Tradition) Witch

05/01/70 2nd Degree

05/15/71 Bachelor Degree, Loras College (Roman Catholic), Dubuque, Iowa.

12/02/72 Spiritualist Minister, ADL

02/02/73 1st Degree (Alexandrian Tradition) Witch

03/21/73 1st Degree- "Member" (Druidic Rite) Witch

06/22/73 2nd Degree- "Priesthood of Melchizedek" (Druidic)

07/22/73 3rd Degree- "High Priesthood of Melchizedek" (Druidic)

07/29/73 Sealed "For Time and Eternity"- (Druidic marriage ceremony or "handfasting")

09/22/73 2nd and 3rd Degrees- "High Priest and Magus"-

05/01/74 "Wizard"- (Druidic Rite)

05/31/74 Legally Married

12/22/74 4th Degree- "Practicus" (Alexandrian)

04/30/75 1st Degree- "Member" (Church of Satan)

12/14/75 Ordained to Catholic Diaconate, American National Catholic Church (Old Catholic Rite)

01/15/76 Ordained to Catholic Priesthood, American National Catholic Church

02/02/76 5th Degree- "Adeptus Minor" (Alexandrian)

05/20/76 1st Degree- "Entered Apprentice" (Masonry)

09/20/76 2nd Degree- "Fellowcraft" (Masonry)

11/24/76 3rd Degree- "Master Mason" (Masonry)

03/26/77 4th-7th- Degrees "Royal Arch" (York Rite Masonry)

03/26/77 8th Degree- "Super Excellent Master (York Rite Masonry)

04/02/77 9-10th Degree- "Knight Order of Temple" (York Rite Masonry)

04/30/77 2nd Degree- "Warlock" (Church of Satan- same as 6th Degree Alexandrian- "Adeptus Major"

07/23/77 7th Degree Gnostic Bishop (Grand Master of the Temple Oto)

09/15/77 90th Degree (Memphis Mizraim)

10/31/78 "Priest" (Church of Satan)

06/01/79 First Degree- "Lava Tete" (Voodoo)

10/31/79 Fourth Degree- "Pontiff Cardinal" (Church of Satan-Italian Jurisdiction)

12/15/79 2nd Degree- "Houngan" (Voodoo)

08/08/80 Mormon Baptism

09/20/80 Shrine- "Noble" (Masonry)

10/31/80 5th Degree- "Pontiff Hierophant" (Church of Satan same as 8th Degree Alexandrian)

10/31/80 14th Degree- "Lodge of Perfection" (Scottish Rite Masonry)

11/01/80 16th Degree- "Prince of Jerusalem" (Scottish Rite Masonry)

11/01/80 18th Degree- "Rose Croix of Herdon" (Scottish Rite Masonry)

11/08/80 32nd Degree- "Sublime Prince of the Royal Secret" (Scottish Rite Masonry

12/19/80 Masters of Theology, St. Francis School of Pastoral Ministry (Roman Catholic), Milwaukee

12/22/80 33rd Degree- "Grand Sovereign Inspector General" (European or Continental Masonry)

01/01/81 34th Degree- "Paladin" (Palladium Masonry)

05/17/81 Melchizedek Priesthood- "Elder" (Mormon Church)

08/31/81 Sealed and Endowed LDS Temple (Mormon)

10/15/82 Elders Quorum President (Mormon)

09/14/83 Institute Teacher (Mormon)

06/22/84 SAVED!!!

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