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20Temple Architecture

The temple buildings, as well as the rituals are similar in Mormonism, Magick and Masonry. The cross, for example, is conspicuously absent from all LDS temples. And the older temples are litter festooned with occult and Masonic markings. On the Salt Lake temple alone are:

  1. All-seeing-eye an eye in a triangle surrounded by rays of light like an Egyptian symbol of Herupaar-Kraat, the Widget Eye. Heru was the hawk-headed lord of Satanic power.
  2. Masonic handshakes.
  3. Suns symbols of the ancient sungod, Baal, the archrival of the true Biblical god, Yahweh (I Kings 18 and elsewhere).
  4. Moon phases symbols of the witch goddess, Diana or Artemis, the queen of heaven. The dark phases of the Moon are for black magick, the full phases of the Moon for white magick.
  5. Upright pentagrams (5-pointed star) the universal symbol of witchcraft and the goddess. Its richness in meaning is far too lengthy to detail here. Suffice it to say that there is no single symbol more associated with magick.
  6. Big Dipper constellation (Ursa Major) all constellations have magickal significance. This one was sacred to the ancient Egyptian worship of Set (the Egyptian god of evil) and was used by Sets votaries to determine the time of his ascendancy.
  7. Inverted pentagrams (single point down) universally regarded as an evil symbol, many witches will not use it because it is used to call down the power of Satan! (51) (Also found on the Logan temple.) Eleven large inverted pentagrams decorated the Nauvoo Temple. (51A)
  8. Hexagram (6 pointed star within a circle), though sometimes associated with Judaism, this star when within a circle is the symbol of the anti-Christ. It has 6 points, 6 angles, and an interior polygon of 6 sides hence the perfect symbol of 666. Though I have not found this on the Salt Lake Temple, it is right across the park, emblazoned all over the Assembly Hall. And it exists in a stronger form on the Logan temple: inverted, with two points up.

Numbers 1, 2, 6, 7, and 8 are very sinister symbols. And they were included, not by accident, but by intent. Brigham Young, who claimed he got the design for the Salt Lake Temple "by revelation", incorporated occult designs on the structures stone surface:

    Brigham Young&made provisions in the original plans for the temple to incorporate numerous symbols that functioned with medieval complexity to speak the order of God&" (51B)

As a matter of fact, Youngs original plans called for markings that were too complex to execute in the granite walls of the temple:

    "In 1870, Truman Angel made major revisions in the plans for the exterior of the temple with removal or alterations of many symbolic motifs. (Brigham Young was responsible for the revisions because of the change in building material from adobe and freestone to granite; granite could not accept the fine detail required by many of the symbols.) The Saturn-stones were eliminated&the faces of the sun-stones and moon-stones&were either simplified or removed." (51C)

The Church leaders called upon one of its great intellects to make sure the temple was astrologically aligned:

    "In 1878, a plan of the Temples exterior walls was purposely drafted to plot the exact location of each of the fifty moon-stones according to lunar phase, month and year. This was determined by observations made that year in anticipation of the next seasons building program when the moon-stones were to be laid. The individual most capable of such an observation was Orson Pratt&In 1869, an astronomical observatory of wood and adobe was constructed specifically for him on the southeast corner of the Temple Block&" (51D)

The inclusion of all this symbolism is especially ironic when one considers how the Mormon Church reacts with almost vampiric revulsion to the cross of Jesus Christ. What kind of Christian church spurns the cross and then covers its building with magick symbols?

Remember, Paul counseled his saints to avoid even the appearance of evil (I Thes. 5:22). Evil symbols decorate the LDS temples; and the ceremonies within are festering cankers of Satanism. No wonder so many LDS never return to the temple. The very Spirit of the Living God cries out from within them: "Unclean! Unclean!"

Occult symbols, in and of themselves, are not always totally incriminating. But when you find such a large number of these symbols many of them really evil the evidence begins to mount. I cannot find any other place where the inverted pentagram is used outside Satanism. It is just too evil a sign it draws demons!

When you examine Mormon temple architecture in the light (or darkness) of the ceremonies performed within the temples walls, the symbols begin to tell a fearful tale. Believe me, the Mormon people have every right to get nervous about their temples. They are a Chinese puzzle box of evil. Open up the exterior architecture of the temple and you find witchcraft symbols. Look inside the box and you find ceremonies rich in occult and Satanic meaning and phrases. You discover that the temple is predicated upon an occult-gnostic philosophy which is thoroughly congenial to witches, Satanists, and members of the "New Age Movement."

All of these occult groups believe that people can evolve into gods or goddesses. (52) They all believe in the LDS doctrine of "eternal progression." So did the ancient heretics, the Gnostics. (53) The essential principle that man is God is the very cornerstone of occult philosophy. It reflects the so-called Hermetic Maxim: "As above, so below!" (54)

Just as in the temple, these secrets are too "sacred" to be written down. They can only be communicated from mouth to ear. This is the very meaning of the word Qabalah. (55) But nowhere does Jesus discuss secrets or arcane knowledge. Quite the contrary, He proclaimed:

    "I have spoken openly to the world&I always taught in the synagogues or at the temple, where all the Jews come together. I have said nothing in secret." (John 18.20)

Why, in the light of Jesus dedication to openness and transparency, does the Mormon Church continue to perpetuate among trusting people all these "sacred secrets"?

It is my prayer that by exposing the real roots of the temple ceremony, I will make it easier for my LDS friends to decide in whom they are going to place their eternal trust.

Will it be in the pure light of the gospel of Jesus Christ, or in the dark, dull shadows of Joseph Smith and Mormonisms Temple of Doom?

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