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18Veiled Faces

At this point, just before passing through the veil into the Celestial Room of the temple, we pause to discuss the veiling of the womans faces, which has deep occult significance. An ancient and powerful archetype of the goddess of Wicca is Isis Veiled. Isis is the Egyptian name of the goddess of witchcraft. The Craft teaches that no man can see the face of Isis and live. (46) The Veiled Isis is custodian of the mysteries of darkness that must be veiled from the cowan (non-witch). In the occult, the Veiled Isis is mans only path to godhood. Why is she veiled? Because her face is too terrifying to behold, and because the Mysteries of the magick she guards are so awful, few, if any, can make it through the veil to the supernal triad of the Tree of Life, and hence to godhood. (47)

The Mormon wife and the Wiccan High Priestess must each veil the face when in highest worship. The LDS wife, in a very real sense, is the gateway to godhood for her husband. In spite of all the LDS talk of the patriarchal order, without the "mother in Zion", there will be no babies to magnify the husbands godhood. Sexuality is the key to the entire Mormons system. And, as the veil of the temple represents the doorway to the celestial kingdom, so the veil of the woman represents the doorway to exaltation.

The Veiled Isis is also the Consort of Lucifer. She is the keeper of the mysteries of sex and devil worship. Her veil is what keeps those who look into the mysteries from dying horribly. This is the true meaning of the veil that the LDS woman must wear. It is an ancient fetish of a pagan priestesshood; and much of its horror cannot be written down for decent eyes.

Mormonism is, at its heart, a pagan fertility religion just like witchcraft. Veiling a woman destroys her identity as a person of value in the eyes of her Creator and reduces her to an archetype; or worse, to her sexual attributes. It is what makes the temple endowment religious pornography. Sex, not Jesus, is at the heart of Mormonism (to which the ungodly practice of polygamy testifies). Veiled women belong in the temples of Lucifer in ancient Rome or in the harems of medieval Islam; not in a supposedly Christian temple.

Bottom line? The veil on the LDS wifes face symbolizes the "Mystery of Iniquity" (II Thes. 2:7), Mystery Babylon the Great. (Rev. 17:5) It breaks my heart to say this, because I know most temple wives in Mormonism are striving to be good, virtuous women. They are sweet, beautiful people who have been drawn into an ever tightening web of occult rites and deception by men who must know better.

Pauls teaching in II Thessalonians, chapter two and the book of Colossians is clear: Mystery cults and Christianity stand in total opposition.

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