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15Eastern Religious Connections

The grips of Mormonism, Magick and Masonry have their similarities in the Eastern Religions as well. One example is the 4000-year-old discipline of acupuncture (also practiced as acupressure). (36) This occult practice from China teaches that pressure on certain invisible lines of energy in the human body can cause physiological or even mental changes in the person. These lines are called meridians.

The Sign of the Nail activates a point said in acupuncture to alleviate the symptoms of convulsions, hiccough and insanity. (37) In the Craft this grip was regarded as powerful enough to stimulate the blind rage necessary to work real black magick.

The Second Token of the Melchizedek Priesthood, or Sure Sign of the Nail, applies pressure to a point on the meridian which pertains to sex and circulation. (38) The meridian runs up the right arm and over the shoulder, to arrive at the nipple the precise anatomical spot where the Masonic square is stitched on the temple garment. (See "Pressure Points" Chart) The meridian travels down still further and terminates at the navel the place where the other mark is stitched on the garment. (39)

The whole thing falls together incredibly well: the magickal marks on the garment are held together by a subtle occult web of sexual energy which is activated by pressure from the two highest grips in the LDS temple endowment!

The meridian activated by the Melchizedek grips is classified by the Chinese as Yang fiery hot and masculine which fits perfectly with the character of Lucifer as a solar-phallic god.

Applying pressure to the wrist in the Sure Sign of the Nail or Patriarchal Grip, activates one of acupunctures "Great Points." (40) A point considered to be tremendously powerful and versatile and is believed to have a profound impact on a persons psychosexual well-being (see "Pressure Points" chart). In the Craft, we were taught that this grip awakens latent sexual energies.

Witches even believe that it is possible, through magickal rites, to effect alchemical changes in their reproductive system to enable them to have viable relations with demon extraterrestrials. In the higher levels of witchcraft we were told that by having sex with these beings, spirit children could be brought into being. In exchange for sex with us, the demons would bless us and our offspring with immortality and godhood. (41)

Mormonism, likewise, teaches that Jesus was begotten by just such a sexual union between an extraterrestrial god and Mary. (42) Mormons believe that, as a result of the temple sealing rites, they can become gods and create spiritual offspring in order to populate their own worlds.

Before you dismiss these resemblances as too far fetched, let me bring one thing to mind. I ask all people who have been through the temple to recall how very careful the temple workers are to make certain that the grips are done precisely. Consider how in the sealing ceremony, there is extreme care taken to make certain that the Patriarchal grip is right and that the cuff of the shirt does not prevent flesh from touching flesh. Recall how in multiple proxy sealing, the man and woman are asked to make and break the Patriarchal grip every time a new couple is brought in for the sealing; and how scrupulously careful the temple sealer is to be certain that the grip is always performed with proper contact. If theres nothing to this, then why are they so careful?

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