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10The Temple Apron

We then hear Adam ask a somewhat odd, out-of-context question: "What is that apron you have on?"

Lucifer replies, "It is an emblem of my power and priesthoods."

In case anybody missed this assertion, Adam inquires incredulously: "Priesthoods?"

Lucifer nods with pontifical finality. "Yes, priesthoods!"

Then, without any further discussion of his apron, Lucifer commands Adam and Eve to put on their aprons. At this moment the temple initiates are instructed to put on their own aprons. So now we are all decked out in what has just been described as the symbol of Satans power and priesthoods. Mormons wear the apron for the rest of the temple ceremony; they are, in fact, buried in full temple clothing, including the Luciferian apron.

The association of the apron with Lucifer and his power goes back centuries in Wicca and occultisms. While it is common knowledge that Masons wear aprons, less understood is the fact that most occult and Luciferian lodges wear them as well. (28) Why? Because in magick, the apron is a symbol of magickal energy or planetary (astrological) force. It is the badge of rank for the third degree; and represents (when green) the priestly office of Lucifer. It is the magickal "tool" of that degree.

In this third degree of Wicca, the apron serves a practical, magical purpose. In this degree, through a bizarre ceremony called Great Rite, one is initiated into the principals of sex magick (tantra yoga). The apron is often used during this sort of ritual to help contain and channel sexual energy. This is why it covers the genital area. Without going into details, it serves rather like putting a lid on a teakettle to help bring it to a boil. This channeling raises the Kundalini force (29) and supposedly produces enlightenment when the Kundalini serpent strikes upwards and "bites" you metaphysically at the base of your brain.

Additionally, just as the stole is the emblem of authority in the Catholic Priesthood, so the green apron is the emblem of Lucifers authority. In every Satanic group I knew of, the hierophant (high priest) always wore a green apron, usually of the finest silk or satin.

Why green? I know that most peoples ideas of Satanic rites (which comes from garish movies) are that everyone wears black or red (or nothing). This is only partially true. The lower levels wear black, the magi wear scarlet, and the magisters wear white, as was mentioned earlier. But green is Lucifers color! No one would dare wear it except his "legal" representative: the presiding hierophant.

Green is his color because it relates qabalistically to Venus. Venus, the "Morning Star," is sacred to him. Alchemically, Lucifer is related to copper. (30) This metal is corrupt within and beautiful without, just like him; and it turns green when it tarnishes.

This concept is more common than most people imagine. It goes very deep in superstitions. For example, people of my heritage (Irish) are very careful never to wear green in any theatrical performance. This is because it is the color of leprechauns (Satans little servants) and they fear they will be cursed by them if they wear "his" color.

Rare Satanic documents are available in which the rubrics insist upon the celebrant of Satanic masses wearing a green apron.

All this confirmed what Id been told years before by my Druidic mentor. In fact, it confirmed the whole metaphysical trap Satan had laid for me. I had joined the church not only because I believed the Mormon missionaries, but also because I thought it would lead me deeper into occult experience. For a year I had anticipated receiving my temple endowments. Now as I saw Lucifer with his priesthood apron and as I received my own apron I was convinced that Christianity reached its highest level of witchcraft in Mormonism. Jesus, I had been taught as a witch, was a Medium of the highest order, who worked miracles by magick. Now I saw the priesthood of Lucifer transferred to Adam in the apron, I knew it was true.

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