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5The Temple Garment

After the anointing, I was dressed in my "temple garment." It was a one piece garment which extended to just below my knees and was similar to a wide-nicked T-shirt on top. Masonic markings of "sacred" significance were stitched over the left and right breast, the navel and the knee. This garment, I was told, would protect me from the power of the Destroyer until I had completed my mission here on earth.

I was amazed at how well the occult symbolism had been carried through on the stitched marks: the temple garment was a textbook study in Luciferian symbolism. I was well acquainted with the Masonic symbols because at a certain point in my Wiccan development, my teachers told me to seek Masonic initiation, so I did. I went through Blue Lodge, and then through both York and Scottish rites all the way to the Shrine which is as high as most Masons go in the United States. Then, and only then, I was considered "worthy" to receive the "continental degrees" from such arcane European Masonic systems as the Ordo Templi Orientis, the Rite of Memphiz and Mitzraim, Martinism and Palladium Masonry. Here I learned the profound links between Lucifer-worship, Wicca and Masonry.

The Masonic compass is stitched over the left breast of the Mormon temple garment. In esoteric Masonry I was taught that the compass represents the sacred Goddess. This is because the compass is used to describe a circle in geometry, and the circle is the consummate symbol of the Goddess in Wicca. (4) Hence all coven ritual is conducted in a circle. As a matter of fact, the "point" of the sacred coven circle actually is the womb of the high priestess who represents the Goddess. The circle then is a symbol of the Queen of Heaven; and the compass is her chief tool.

In Blue Lodge Masonry the candidate is first initiated by piercing his left breast with the point of a compass. (5) And in all occultism, the left-hand is considered sacred to the feminine, goddess-principle. (6)

Over the right breast of the Mormon garment is a square. The right hand side is masculine and sacred to the Horned God (who we in Wicca eventually learned was Lucifer). (7) The square is sacred to Lucifer because of its phallic connotations, and the Fellowcraft candidate in Masonry is challenged on his right breast by the point of the square. (8)

Not only that, the navel mark of the garment resembles a gauge or ruler, which is the Masonic symbol for the "Middle Pillar" of the Qabalistic Tree of Life. (9) (See Tree of Life chart). Just as the right and left hands parts of the body in occultisms are male and female respectively; so the Middle Pillar corresponds to the center of the body the head, solar plexus, navel and genitals. (10)

Mormonism tells us the temple garment has its origins in the covering of skins God gave Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. They are supposedly similar to the Levitical Priesthood garments of the Old Testament. In reality, however, one must go to the grimoires or magickal workbooks of black magicians to find the likes of the Mormon temple garments! (In this work, the spelling "magick" is used, a common practice to separate occult magickal practice form stage magic, or illusion). (11)

The placing of magick talismans in underwear is common in witchcraft. (12) But please bear in mind, this is not a recent idea; it appears in classical grimoires in the British Museum which date back to the 16th century. (13)

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