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4Washing & Anointing

Wearing the shield, I was led into a little cubicle where my body was first washed and then anointed with olive oil by special temple workers to prepare me for later temple experiences. Witches also believe that anointing of the various opening of the body is necessary to keep out evil spirits. Once again, understand that witches do not think of themselves as evil, or pursuing evil. Rather, we were seeking religion truth. We worshipped the "God and Goddess" from whom we erroneously thought all religion derived. We did, however, believe evil spirits existed. In witchcraft our challenge was to conjure and control spirits and use their power without being hurt in the process. (2A)

The LDS anointing ceremony is a procedure nearly identical to witchcraft anointing rites. (3) The only difference is that the witch rites are done male to female with more intimate contact. Of course, the LDS rites are also filled with Biblical phrases to make them sound holy.

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