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2Encountering the Mormon Temple Ceremony

When I first went to the temple, I fully expected a highly occult ceremony. For me the occult was not evil, it was simply the way God revealed Himself. Many religious paths contained Truth; Mormonism was the highest way and contained the most truth. And I believed my prior mystical training would be confirmed by what I learned in the temple. In fact, as a student of witchcraft, I had been told that Mormonism, in the temple at least, taught high-level occult science. Years before I ever encountered Mormon missionaries, my witchcraft mentor, the head of all Druidic witches in North America, told me that the highest form of witchcraft was practiced in the Mormon temples. So when I went to the Salt Lake City temple, I knew I would be involved in highly "religious" activities. As my wife and I entered the temple, the atmosphere was electric. We felt strange and heavy "vibes."

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