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Mormonisms Temple of Doom

"Mormonisms Temple of Doom is the best thing I have seen on the Mormon temple ceremony."
Ed Decker
Author of The God Makers

Listen to what Dr. Walter Martin said about this book
"When I first read Mormonisms Temple of Doom in July of 1987, I recognized it as an important work helping to document the connections between Mormonism and the occult.

"Controversy has arisen over the book in that some people have understood the authors to be saying that Mormonism is a lineal descendant of specific occult organizations (i.e. Freemasonry). I can understand how that conclusion can be reached. The authors, however, have on many occasions stated that their position is "remarkable and undeniable similarities exist between Mormonism and other occult organizations." They contend, in Mormonisms Temple of Doom, that disciplines such as Mormonism, Freemasonry and Wicca are streams of the same Satanic river. This can be substantiated as fact.

"I do not agree with every line of this book. However, I believe the authors hearts are squarely centered on the side of winning Mormons to the Kingdom of God. I therefore commend the authors for their bold witness, and this book to Gods service."
Dr. Walter Martin Author, The Kingdom of the Cults 1/6/89