Danger! This book is controversial

The text of Dr. Walter Martin's letter to me

Audio of Dr. Martin endorsing endorsed the book and its authors.
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From the moment Mormonism's Temple of Doom was first published in 1987, it has had an impact on its readers. I gave a copy of it to Walter Martin at the 1987 Capstone Conference which was held at Park City, Utah in the summer of 1987. Walter had been the keynote speaker at the conference. Ed Decker and I drove him to Salt Lake City Airport for his flight home.

Sometime late that night, the phone in my hotel room rang. It was Walter. He said, "Send me a hundred of those books and give me your best price!" He said he had talked to a group of Baptists that evening and wanted to get them some copies.

A few months later, however, some well-meaning Christians decided the book was "too hard." They came against it and against the authors (and--God only knows why--Ed Decker as well). At one point even prominent members of Walter Martin's own Christian Research Institute were against the book.

In December, Dr. Martin did a seminar at Calvary Fellowship in Seattle. During the question and answer session, a woman asked him about the connection between Mormonism and Freemasonry. Dr. Martin held up a copy of the book and endorsed it and its authors. We have that on tape. You will need the Real Player plugin to hear it. You can get the plugin here.

In the midst of all this wrangling, I called Dr. Martin an asked him to set the record straight. I told him I would print his final word on the subject inside the front cover of the book. The text of his letter to me is reprinted there to this day.