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Chapter 1, Looking for a Lifeline
Chapter 2, A Glimmer of Hope
Chapter 3, The Hand of Fellowship
Chapter 4, Taking the Plunge
Chapter 5, A True Believer
Chapter 6, Entangling Relationships
Chapter 7, The Doubts Begin
Chapter 8, A Fork in the Road
Chapter 9, A Crack in the Foundation
Chapter 10, Where Are You, Jesus?
Chapter 11, The Sugar City Curve
Chapter 12, The Sword of Division
Chapter 13, A Reprieve
Chapter 14, Sorting Out
Chapter 15, Excommunication!
Chapter 16, God is Faithful
Appendix A: Monotheism
Appendix B: Confusion Among the Prophets
Appendix C: The Book of Mormon
Appendix D: Psychological "Snapping" Among the Cults
My Ordination as an Elder
My Missionary License
My Temple Marriage License
Enlargement of the Text of the Marriage License
Names of Dead Men for whom I did Temple Endowments