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How to Recover Deleted Photos From iPhone

recover deleted photos

If you’ve accidentally deleted a photo that you needed, there is no need for panic. 

In premise, a photo that has been deleted on an iPhone via regular means of pressing “Delete” is not really gone. Yes, you heard that right. There is a multitude of ways to recover it.

And in this article, we will cover these methods for how to recover deleted photos from iPhone.

So keep reading to learn more.

How to Recover Deleted Photos From iPhone/Cloud Backup

If for some reason your photos are gone from the Recently Deleted (more on this after) folder, then you might be able to get them back by restoring your phone from a backup.

The disadvantage of this method is that all of the deleted files will be recovered as well, such as messages, apps, data, etc. If the backup is fairly recent, it might be worth the try

If you have iCloud and it automatically backs your phone up, follow these next steps. If you use iTunes instead, there will be a separate paragraph for you.

First and foremost, back up the phone to iCloud is something is to go wrong, or if for any reason you want to return to a current confit. After it’s complete, you must perform a factory reset, and then restore your phone from the backup that would have the photos you deleted.

recover deleted photos from iphone

When the restore is done, check the app to see if the photos have been recovered. if not, you can repeat this process with older backups, or return to the most recent one. 

If you the older backup has the images but you don’t like the version, you can try emailing the photos from the older version, then returning to your latest version. 

How to Recover with iTunes Backup?

Even though most people use iCloud for their backups, some still use iTunes, so the process for them is a little different.

First, connect your phone to your Mac with the latest update, or your PC instead. Click the iPhone icon when it shows up in the top-left corner of the window.

Choose the Summary tab, and then go to Backups and click Restore. If you still use iTunes to back up, you can use the Restore Backup option to return to an older version that might include old photos. 

Select this backup, and restore it. When the restore is finished, check the app to see if the photos are there. If not, repeat with the older version as mentioned earlier.

How to Recover From Recently Deleted?

Every iPhone has a special folder in the app, which is the same as the trash bin on your computer. It holds all of the photos deleted for a period of 30 days, after this period time, the photo is deleted permanently. However, you can recover permanently deleted photos as well.

Until then, it’s easy to recover. Open the app, go to the Other Albums and click on Recently Deleted. 

Select at the top-right, and then choose each photo you want to return. Click on Recover, and if you want to recover all of them, before selecting choose that option.

How to Recover with Storage Services?

If you use a cloud service, such as OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Photos, you have an advantage. These services most likely automatically backup all of the photos, independently of your OS system, which is usually synchronized to a folder on your other devices.

If you don’t already have one of these services, think about it. You can install either on your iPhone and configure them to back up your photos. They are automatically backed to the cloud on a pre-set schedule or upon taking them. 

By choosing these options, you secure your images for good. If you do have one of these cloud providers, you can easily restore your images now.

Open the folder on your computer that has the backed up items or go to the website. Choose the images you like to restore from your folder to the browser on iCloud Photos, these will be uploaded to iCloud, and then synced with your iPhone or simply stored for later use. And that’s how you recover deleted photos from iPhone.

Also, many of these cloud storages come with free storage, however, you can often get quite affordable rates on extended storage without compression. For instance, with iCloud, you can get 200GB of storage for $2.99. And that’s so much space for so little. And if you need 2TB, that’s 2000GB, you can get for $9.99. 

Imagine what people of the past would have thought of this? Well, they most likely wouldn’t have been able to even comprehend it. But now, it’s a convenience available to all people, so consider these options before you disregard them. 

If your photos are dear to you, you might as well invest a little in their security.

Recovery Done Right

recover deleted photos from iphone
Image Source: unsplash.com

Now that you know how to recover deleted photos from iPhone, you are well on your way to make sure that whenever you accidentally delete something, it’s never gone for good. And even then, it most likely isn’t. 

Modern technologies are all about encryption, safety, and convenience. So it’s no surprise that this software allows you to recover what you once thought was lost.

In any case, good luck. If you’re interested in reading similar tech-related articles, feel free to check out our categorical filters at the top of the website.