James R. Spencer

Biographical Information


Jim Spencer is a Christian author and lecturer. He formerly pastored an evangelical church in Idaho Falls, Idaho for nine years. Prior to entering the ministry, Rev. Spencer enjoyed a broad business background, including employment on several newspapers and as a newswriter for Associated Press. Rev. Spencer is nationally recognized as an expert on the cults.

Spencer is the author of seven booksall of which are currently in print more than a quarter of a million books in printincluding the following:

"Beyond Mormonism: An Elders Story (Chosen Books, 1984)

"Heresy Hunters: Character Assassination in the Church

(Huntington House)

"Bleeding Hearts and Propaganda: The Fall of Reason in the Church (Huntington House, 1995)

"Magazine ArticlesPublished articles in many leading Christian and secular magazines.

"Recognized expert in religious cults

"Hundreds of radio and TV interviews

"Lectures throughout the country about the cults, the occult, and secular humanism.

"Spencer lives in Boise, Idaho with his wife of 35 years,

Margaretta. He has three daughters, eight grandsons, and two granddaughters..