James R. Spencer
Biographical Information

Jim Spencer is an author and lecturer with a broad business and professional background

Professional Background
"Newspaper journalist
"Newswriter for Associated Press
"Nine Years of pastoral ministry
Author of seven books in the religious fieldall of which are currently in print:
     "Bleeding Hearts and Propaganda: The Fall of Reason in the Church (Huntington House, 1995)
     "Heresy Hunters: Character Assassination in the Church (Huntington House, 1993)
     "Beyond Mormonism: An Elder's Story (Chosen books, 1984)

Magazine & Newspaper ArticlesPublished hundreds of newspaper and magazine articles:
     "Elks Magazine
     "Living With Teenagers
     "Christian Reader

Radio and TelevisionInterviewed on hundreds of radio and TV programs each year.

Spencer lives in Boise, Idaho with his wife of 40 years, Margaretta.

"[Spencer] writes with great clarity and persuasion, crafting his sentences, paragraphs, and even entire chapters with unusual skill and sensitivity. He also writes with a sense of restraint. . .Yet he speaks clearly."
     Bookstore Journal, December, 1993