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All You Need to Know About Post Malone Net Worth?

post malone net worth

Post Malone is certainly one of those singer-rappers, who has estimated his worth to $14 million, in just four years as his debut single ‘White Inversion’ got released. The low-key style of his music with the competent portrayal of his personality has managed to efficiently prove his worth to the audience. Post Malone’s net worth has been streamed by his success, sense of humor and the tours which made him known around the world. In this article, we will list everything that you need to know about Post Malone and his net worth:

About Post Malone

The most popular singer-rapper, Post Malone was born on the 4th of July, 1995 in Syracuse to Austin Richard Post. He spent the first ten years of his life in New York but later moved to Grapevine, Texas. He always had an interest in playing guitar. His mother bought him his first guitar, on which he played Guitar Hero as a teenager. With the help of YouTube videos, Post Malone taught himself the ins and outs of the guitar and soon got amazing at it.

Post Malone released White Iverson in 2015 on Soundcloud, which gave him a cherishing twist in the music industry. His single debut received an overwhelming response which made the path for him to compose Republic Records. He was also picked up by Justin Bieber to sing on his debut song, Stoney in 2016.

Post Malone Writes His Own Music 

Post Malone Net Worth

One of the most classic factors which led Post Malone to earn the net worth that he has today, is because he doesn’t employ others to compose his music, he writes his own music. The experts have claimed that the writing style of Post Malone has the capability to draw audience in. He ensures to compose his songs with easy lyrics, that made it easier for the audience to sing along.

He Broke Streaming And Chart Records

Post Malone broke the record of composing the most simultaneous top 20 songs in the Billboard Hot 100. He left behind The Beatles and J. Cole with his classic debuts. In August 2018, Post Malone’s album ‘Rolling Store’ broke the record of sticking up on Billboard 200 for 77 weeks which broke the record of Michael Jackson’s song Thriller. The song ‘Hollywood’s Bleeding’ won over the title of being the fifth-highest streaming song in 2019.

Post Malone got a great response for his debut singles, Beerbongs & Bentleys in 2018. The success of Rockstar and Psycho made him popular among the crowd. His albums were certified platinum and broke the record of being among the top 10 songs and six top 20 songs. 

Post Malone Makes Money Through Business

Other than making money through his music, Post Malone net worth has reached up to this status because of his contribution in the business field. According to Forbes, it is stated about Post Malone that he grosses $500,000 per concert. He has also been committed to sponsorships with Bud Light, True Religion and HyperX. He has dedicated his efforts to the field of business, which assures that he has been working on his own record label along with the struggle of making a movie. In May 2019, it has been reported about Post Malone, that he will be investing in a non-musical venture, which is marijuana business. He has initiated this business by introducing his company with the name Shaboink, which distributes strains of cannabis and other merchandise linked to the business niche.

Post Malone Struggles To Maintain His Image

Post Malone has always felt pressure on maintaining his reputation in the industry. He thrives to continue his work with dedication and passion. He claimed, that as an artist, you can never find yourself in a place where you can be satisfied with the level that you have reached. He has an urge to grow even bigger. In the industry, he feels like there is a lot of pressure on composing great music and thus, he feels that he is under that pressure to give the best of him to the audience. As he believes to give the best of him to the audience, he has always maintained his personality; you can check out Post Malone Black Leather Jacket for attires that could highlight the best out of you!


Post Malone net worth has been justified with the amazing struggle that he has been through. He had the passion to endure himself into the industry of music. His passion made him embrace the charm that he held inside him. The struggle that he has been through still goes on. He wants to be the best amongst them all, and we believe that he is.