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How Do You Control Pests During a Home Remodel?

How Do You Control Pests During a Home Remodel?

When remodeling your home, several activities take place. One unattended item, abandoned pipe or a door left open can facilitate the movement of pests into your house. While the constructors are busy renovating your house, pests from outside or hidden places can move to dark holes or cracks within your house without notice. Although there are measures, you can put in place to control the pests during your home’s renovation. For instance, before remodeling begins, you should hire an exterminator to be part of the reconstruction team. Doing this will ensure rodents, rats, termites, insects, and all pests are gotten rid of before, during and after remodeling.

You necessarily do not need to have an existing infestation to control the pests. To ensure your safety and that of your loved ones, here are prevention tips that will help you control pests during your home reconstruction.

Before Home Remodeling

The first step is to link both the remodeling experts and your pest control expert so that they can get to know each other and work collaboratively to come up with solutions that can keep pests away.

How Do You Control Pests During a Home Remodel?
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Next step, your pest professional should assess your home to see if there are any pest infestations. In case of any, he or she should come up with a permanent solution to get rid of them apartments for rent in jersey city. If the infestation is minimal, pre-treatment can work to curb termites and other pests.

Before remodeling starts, your pest professional(s) should inspect raw materials. They should also re-inspect once again before the process officially starts.

During Home Remodeling

Home remodeling begins in this step. Therefore, it is necessary to stay observant of pests and insects. Since pest control can be a new whole different field, allow professional pest control experts to stay in charge unless you are one.

Your home is highly at risk of pest and insect invasion during the process. Your pest expert will therefore set up bait nets or traps around your house and next to the raw materials. Placing such nets around your home will track pest activity and trap them if any.

Another thing you should be keen about during home reconstruction is to ensure the construction site is left clean at the end of the day’s activities. If you or someone else is in charge of the remodeling, he or she should ensure that trash and food leftovers are well-disposed. This will help control the movement of pests from other areas to the renovation site.

Water or moisture offer favorable conditions to most pests to thrive. To curb this, ensure that water is flowing away from the building structure, and the area around your house is well-graded.

After Home Remodeling

After the home renovation, there are other few essential measures you need to put into consideration to ensure that you are effectively getting rid of all pests.

To enjoy the ambience of your home, you need to ensure that all pests are gone for good. Hiring such exterminators will get rid of the root cause of any pest problem. Also, completely get rid of flying pests, place sodium vapor lights to send off flying pests away from your home.

Most pest attractive plants should be far from the house. If you are a plant lover and want to plant a few of them near your home, maintain a 3-feet distance between your house and the plants. It is also advisable to replace pest attractive plants with the pest-resistant plants.

Pests are very tiny, and with every inch left open, they can penetrate to your house and make it their home. Windows, doors and any openings in your home should be well-covered, leaving no holes for pest penetration. You can opt to use insect screens and weather-stripping to block insects and seal air leaks, respectively.

Pests are a nuisance, and they can easily get back to your home from a recent vacation or from wherever you might accidentally pick them. To ensure you are on the safe side, pest experts will educate you and your family members on how to manage pests and how you can prevent its spread. The pest expert(s) will also prepare a pest control treatment for you to use in the future in case there is a pest infestation.


Home remodeling is a great opportunity for you to get rid of the debris, pests and old worn-out items and materials around your home that might attract pests. All you need to do is work with a professional pest control expert from the beginning to the end of the remodeling.