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Everything You Have Been Looking For About Paige Wyatt

paige wyatt

Short Introduction Of Paige Wyatt Life

Paige Wyatt is not here for writers to be a common name. But surely something clicks when we talk about American guns. Before American guns, Paige landed Hollywood roles but made a mark out of them. Paige Wyatt, an ever-lovely stage and film star, has been able to mark her business territories. Wyatt has gained huge acclaim in the entertainment industry because of her growing professional life.

Paige Wyatt is a model and future TV person, a member of the Wyatt family who is known for its “American Guns” show on Discovery Channel covering the Wyatt family and their gun store. This show contributed to the popularity of Paige, and it seems that she is on the way to success.

In 2012, the show “American guns” was canceled. Previously the director of Gunsmoke Weapons, Rich Wyatt, and Paige’s stepfather were sentenced to 78 months ‘ jail for several years of abuse. After the “American Guns” end, Paige was away from the focus of the media and concentrated more on her efforts than on her professional activities. Paige has been with Pete Hargis since March 2016, according to reports. On Valentines Day 2019 Pete proposed Paige and it would not be surprising if they announce their wedding shortly.

More than anything else, the actress is concentrated on work. More about this beautiful actress’s life, therefore, is essential.

Paige Wyatt Biography

Paige was born on 30 October 1994 in Wheat Ridge, Colorado. Her birth sign is Scorpio and she’s American. Her parent’s names are Renee Wyatt and Rich Wyatt. Paige and Kurt Wyatt shared her childhood as a sibling. She has been deeply interested in guns from her infancy and received her license at secondary school. At a very young age, when she was at her high school Paige developed an interest in weapons and weapons. Her Dad Rich is a member of the sales team and owns a company named Gunsmoke Guns. Paige is currently said to complete her studies and to devote her time to her career in acting and modeling. The educational background of Paige is not detailed.

Paige Wyatt Successful Career

paige wyatt

Rich Wyatt, a Gunsmoke Arms fan and founder, became and continuously strengthened family-run business through the years. Young Paige got an interest in weapons herself, and as she grew up began to learn everything she could about firearms, she joined the store as a sales partner. Her role in the family business was progressively expanded and Paige became part of the show “American guns” when the shop was taken up through the Discovery Channel and the daily activities in the shop were carried out.

The show opened to a crowd of one million per episode on 10 October 2011. Paige slowly became a star with the rest of the involved family. The second season was even more popular, but the show was sadly canceled when it was found out that Rich had lost his firearms license and registered the store under someone else. The family problems were not over, as Rich was sentenced to 78 months ‘ imprisonment and the shop shut up. Paige has since withdrawn from the media and made other efforts.

In addition to her work in the television industry, Paige has begun her modeling career. She had a contract with Hughwear, which prompted her to create her clothing line and her website. This has helped her wealth as well.

Paige Wyatt Net worth

Paige has revealed no value of her net, but her father, Rich Wyatt, has a tremendous net value of 10 million dollars

Rich, CEO of one of Denver’s main offices, Colorado also retired for only about 20 years as Police Chief at Alma. He was an authority career and later became a professor of the ass gun. In the mid-1980s, Gunsmoke Guns started a firearm company. His family supported the program and took part in it.

Wyatt has a 4 x 4 jeep and a driving license, according to riding conditions. Its net worth is also supported by its Hughwear clothing line, which also helps it to add fortune to the net value.

Paige Wyatt Affairs And Relationships

Paige is very secretive and does not reveal much about herself when it comes to personal life. Although the media has found the love of his life, even if it’s so secretive. Who’s her boyfriend, would you know?

A man named Pate Hargis is dating to Wyatt. Since March 2016 the duo has been in contact. Her boyfriend Pete is the founder of A2Z Sports Training, according to the report. According to some sources, Pete got on his knees and in Vancouver, British Columbia proposed his Valentine. Whether the duo still dates or has already separated is mysterious, because Paige does not use social media to confirm the speculation. But on 15 April 2018, Paige shared her Instagram engagement ring. Both lovebirds are seen together to have a good holiday. Separation is not symptomatic. So we can assume that they could soon be married.

Paige Wyatt Weight And Body Measurements

At the height of 5 feet and 7 inches, Paige stands tall. Obsessed by her fitness, she’s proof of her perfect body and she weighs approximately 52kgs. She also has Hazel’s eyes that look amazing with a gorgeous body. She has a cute body of blonde hair.

Paige Wyatt Social Media Profile

Through her social media accounts, Paige shares a lot of affection. Her Instagram seems disabled for now, though. During her time on TV, Paige had built up a decent internet fan base, particularly on Instagram with more than 15,000 followers, but since then, she has abandoned social media platforms and lived far from the prying eyes of the media. However, on Instagram, you can still find Paige fan pages, which have more than 5,000 followers.