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Plus-size Outfits For A Stylish First Date

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A first date can determine whether or not there is any likelihood of subsequent liaisons. There are so many things that can impact one individual’s impression of their prospective partner, especially if they’ve only ever exchanged online messages before this get-together. Whether we are aware of doing so or not, we all have a habit of judging people we meet for the first time, and one of the key factors that will go towards a favorable initial impression is dress sense. Plus size dating specialists have shared several fashion tips for the first date. Pay attention to these, and you will have every chance of wowing your partner.

Difficulties In Choosing The Perfect Look For A First Date

It can seem daunting, but the key consideration is the location. If you’re going somewhere casual, like a coffeehouse or a cinema, dress accordingly. Smart jeans. Comfortable shoes. If it’s something more formal, like a fancy restaurant, choose a stylish suit or smart dress.

Style Advise For Your Plus Size Body Shape

Accept Your Body

Don’t be tempted to squeeze into an outfit you think might make you look sexy if it doesn’t compliment your body shape. Be proud of your assets. Females with hourglass figures should opt for something figure-hugging, a blouse tucked into jeans or a skirt, not a shapeless top.

  • Confidence Is Sexy
Sexsy Stylish
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Whatever you opt to turn up in, wear it with aplomb. Avoid wearing new shoes that haven’t been broken in yet and are going to cause you to walk awkwardly or limp. Go for an outfit you love or something new that excites you. This will cause you to project confidence. And that’s always a turn on.

  • Invest in Good Underwear

Be honest. Although you should never anticipate going to bed at the end of a first date, the chemistry is sometimes right, and it seems natural. So, make sure you’re wearing underwear that will boost your partner’s excitement levels.

  • Use Color To Your Advantage.

Color is so important, as these can convey moods. Red will give the impression you are passionate about. If you’re also red-headed, it’s a fiery combination. Black is always slimming but can be a little funereal. Don’t mix and match colors – anything too gaudy will be a distraction.

  • Mix Up Your Accessories

Accessories are ideal for drawing your partner’s attention to different aspects of your physique. A colorfully-patterned silk scarf draped over a monochromatic blouse would be perfect. How about a retro-style choker to accentuate your neck? The same effect would be achieved with drop earrings.

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  • Find a Tailor

Rather than relying on high street retailers and choosing something from a clothes rack, you would make such an impression on a first date if you showed up in something tailored. This would exude class and reveal how seriously you are invested in making your partner feel appreciated.

  • Strike The Right Balance Between Fitted And Too-tight

Guys love curvy girls. Females are into men who look after themselves and have a muscular definition. It’s important to show off your attributes, but as long as you do so tastefully. For ample girls, something figure-hugging would be captivating. But never be tempted to drop a dress size and run the risk of exposing unseemly bulges. Similarly, for males, a trim shirt would be ideal, but not a tight one where the buttons are in danger of rupturing after a hearty meal.

  • No Outfit Is Complete Without The Right Shoes

Shoes are all-important in rounding off sensual attire. If you’ve chosen a slinky cocktail dress, there would be no point in being any less thoughtful about your footwear. Choose your most complimentary stylish heels. or go for some fashion sneakers you love and that you think would match to your outfit. Smart sneakers are in trend nowadays and you will definitely love to have them on your feet. Loom smart and Vegan shoes are perfect for you as they are fancy and made with world class vegan material that will provide your feet with utmost comfort.

First Date Outfits

  • Denim Pants with a Chic Blazer

A stunning smart-but-casual blend of a slick jacket with sexy shorts is always recommended. This meld of sophistication and sensuality will be ideal for creating an instant impression. 

  • Faux-Leather Pencil Skirt

With widespread environmental awareness, real leather and fur are unacceptable for date attire. But faux leather is equally eye-catching. A pencil skirt hugging your hips will get your date’s pulse racing during a meal and any clubbing afterward.

  • Off the Shoulder Top

Any excuse to expose a glimpse of the flesh is always ideal for your first date. An off-the-shoulder top will be alluring, creating the perfect blend between elegance and sassiness.

  • Maxi Wrap Dress

Although this can appear matronly if presented with the wrong makeup or accessories, a maxi-wrap dress will make you look ultra-chic when worn effectively.

Silk Cami + SkirtAnother combo that is always a winner, this casual outfit screams femininity. Silk almost has a life of its own, shimmering against the soft lights during your time together.