I Came accross your site as a result of my own reseach into Jeff Weeden. We were at out local book store yesterday looking in the religious section and by chance ran into a "Weeden disciple". She asked what we were looking for and we said "Nothingothing in particular." That of course gave her the entry she needed.

Weeden's way is a very strange teaching. What really got me was the lack of historical connection. I asked this person how they explain the physical existance of the Temple in Jerusalem. Of course I received the standard response, "what is a temple?" I said that the Temple was (is) real and there is physical evidence of it. Also, I asked how do you explain the historical reference in the Bible about real Kings (David, Solomon, Herod, etc) and also the Roman army who distroyed Jerusalem. Well, you know the rest....

About Christ she said, "Where are his bones if he existed?" What I failed to say (didn't think about it until this morning) is that there are none. Christ was resurrected! Oh, and when asked about the return of Christ to this earth to establish the Kingdom of heaven...her response was that he has already returned (I asked her to please tell me where he is...she said "in you") and that the Kingdom of Heaven is already on this earth. I then asked if that was the case then why is there still death, disease, war, hatred because my understanding of the Kingdom of heaven is that these things would not exist.

Very strange stuff is the Weeden way!

Praise God for the truth!!