Dear Mr. Spencer,

I emailed you in regards to Jeff Weeden's teachings about a year ago. My letter was "It's such deception!" My situation hasn't changed regarding my husband and this teaching. In fact, it's worse. We started seeing a marriage counselor a few months ago, and while it has helped me cope, my husband says nothing will change. The counselor suggested some kind of compromise between us and my husband refuses.

I have learned alot about Jeff's teachings over the last couple of years. They believe the whole bible is strictly a dream (spiritual) and no part of it is history. They believe Jesus was not clothed in flesh and born on this earth, didn't teach the works of God, wasn't crucified and wasn't resurrected. They believe that these events only happened in dreams. When I say, read 2nd John verse 7, they say, "That is not what that means, there are many kinds of flesh". They do not believe Heaven is a physical place, nor is hell. They believe that "their" God doesn't care what you say or do (you can smoke, drink, gamble, curse, wear what you want to, etc.)

I have come to believe that they are what I call "Glorified Atheists". One on hand, they say they believe in God, but on the other hand, they don't pray to him, worship him, thank him, believe he blesses us, etc. They say they believe in the Bible, but on the other hand, they say the events in the Bible never really happened.

I'm sorry if I am sounding cynical, but I had a near perfect marriage until Jeff Weeden and his "bible study" leaders got to my husband when he was truly searching for God and brainwashed him. I still pray constantly for his eyes to be opened to the truth and I have faith that one day they will. I am thankful to you, Mr. Spencer for your continued research into Jeff Weeden's teachings. I take comfort in the letters you post on your website. Just knowing that there are other people who are going through the exact same thing that I am is comforting.

I would like to start a support group of these people that have emailed you concerning their loved ones and their involvement with Jeff Weeden. If anyone is interested in sharing support, please give them my email address. I particularly would like to email the person who said their parents finally packed up all of Jeff Weeden's books, cds, etc. and got away from him. My prayer is that my husband will one day do the same thing. Thank you again, and feel free to post my letter on your website.

Rose Smith email Mrs. Smith

  Dear Mrs. Smith,

Thank you so much for your ongoing testimony about this craziness. My hope is that people who are caught up in this mess will, like you, raise their voices against it.

Jim Spencer
Through the Maze Ministry