Dear Mr. Spencer,

I am up late tonight praying for some dear friends who are heading into troubled times. The husband left today for Chicago to go to a Reveal 2 conference with Jeff Weeden. His wife threatened to ask him to move out of the house if he went, and he went anyway. He is putting this 'cult' first before everything. I have also heard that a lot of people who go to these conferences sometimes don't come back for 6 months or more. They are encouraged to stay and have 'intense spiritual training'. After reading and rereading your finding, letters, and articles on this program, I know there is not much we can do but pray. But my question for you is how can we let the local churches know about this dangerous 'Bible Study'? I have asked my pastor, and many in the church and other churches. Only one other family had heard of it. I live in the same area you do Mr. Spencer, and I just wondered if you had addressed this issue with many of the pastors in our area? Our churches need to ! be aware of what is sneaking into their churches and stealing the members from them.

My other question for you is this.......Are the people who buy into this cult even Christians? Is it doubtful that they ever really were? It seems like if they had the Holy Spirit that they would feel warned about this false doctrine, like most of us are when we hear this baloney. Should we deal with these people like they aren't Christians?

This is such a scary thing to watch. To see a family we have watched grow, suddenly falling apart. But it wakes me up and shows me that we can never do too much to insure that our children make our faith their own, and understand the Bible so they can't be swayed as adults.

Thanks for your time and your words. I gave my friend's wife a copy of your letter addressing Jeff Weeden. She had not been to sure if what her husband was studying was really wrong or not. She felt uneasy about it, but thought since he was reading the Bible that it couldn't be too wrong. But she was sure of it after reading all you wrote. I know they are in for a long hard road, and I pray that they are intact when it is all over.

I appreciate your prayers for these people. And if there is anything else that we (the man's parents are trying all they can to get him to see the light) please let us know.

Thanks for your letter,

A story I am beginning to hear more and more. Sad.

It is really hard to answer the question about whether or not these people are Christians. Some probably are. Some of them are simply very, very naive. I have close friends in this. People who have been Christians for years and years.

The reason I wrote my report is because a local pastor asked me to. I'm hoping that my Internet information will help some people.

And to that end, I am posting your letter on my site. I have excluded your name and any other names to protect your identity.

About letting the other churches know: I will consider doing a mailing to them, directing them to my site.

Jim Spencer
Through the Maze Ministry