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Benefits of Online Streaming for Pupils?

online streaming

This year, more than most have seen some of the most unprecedented changes to humans across the globe. The Covid-19 pandemic has shaken human civilization into a whole new normal. Isolation and PPE are the new normal, but what does this actually look like for schooling? As restrictions and lockdowns have taken place, schools have shut their doors and opened up online platforms and streaming to continue young people’s education. This is not without its cons, of course, such a drastic change in so little time affects some very heavy, but for the sake of everyone’s health it had to be done. As the classroom moves into the home pupils have started to be taught from their living rooms through the internet. Whether you love it or hate it, technology has kept everyone sane during these unexpected and dark times. We are going to have a look at how online streaming is included in the education system and the benefits it provides. Whilst many pupils are not returning to school, it seems increasingly likely local lockdowns or further national lockdowns are imminent. With this in mind, we will also be looking at the benefit of streaming and pupils being taught online, whilst also having a look at its long term impact.

Better Learning Experience

Whilst you need an optimum internet speed for streaming amidst other technological necessities which may set some back, generally speaking, the benefits of streaming and pupils working online does create a better learning experience. It allows for specific work to be tasked to specific individuals, increasing productivity, but it can also include a high level of interaction that you would ultimately not get in a traditional classroom setting. This can be anything from apps to games, counting to communicating. By incorporating interaction easier into lessons, children are more likely to learn and retain valuable information rather than find themselves bored or disengaged reading a textbook or staring at a whiteboard, and operate at their own pace. Importantly, online streaming tends to be recorded and as such can be gone over for those struggling or those pupils who want to go over it with their parents. This allows for an aspect of revision, which is unachievable in the classroom – something which will be incredibly handy for the likes of pupils undergoing GCSE’s or A-Levels at the end of the year. This is one of the biggest benefits of streaming and pupils working online, certainly proving to be a silver lining amongst a bleak outset. 

Benefits Of Online Streaming For Pupils
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Access to Knowledge

Whilst some of the older generations are still proving to be dinosaurs in their ability to incorporate technology into their lives, almost all young people are very aware of it. After all, they have grown up with it all their lives now. By teaching using online streaming and platforms children will be able to embrace their technological savvy. Importantly a benefit of online streaming and pupils learning online is the ease with which it can happen. Pupils and parents alike can easily whiz their way through the platform and organise themselves for their lessons. The technology we have nowadays is superior in most ways to the use of textbooks or single use media which is adopted in schools. Cartoon animation on YouTube, numeracy games or electronic books make for excellent alternative learning techniques to the traditional classroom. The internet provides a wealth of knowledge and its easy access alongside these online streaming platforms means pupils can indulge their learning further, clarify hard bits or access knowledge they would otherwise not have in a classroom. This ultimately provides the student with deeper comprehension. Importantly, teachers are able to incorporate restrictions within the school streaming platform which safeguards against malicious content or activity, nullifying parents’ worries over internet anonymity or criminal activity. Pupils have the chance to learn more at school, surely this is of benefit to everyone? 

Equality and Inclusivity

In a world of isolation during this pandemic, technology has managed to create a strong connection within people from afar. Video calls, online games and social media have never been so important in the world’s sanity it seems. As technology connects people in general life, it can also create collaboration and the idea of togetherness in a classroom. By providing links between pupils, classes through the use of online streaming collaboration on content in groups projects is easier and also easier to monitor. It also means sharing content with other students and over their interests in things rather than being tied down to their geographical location. Opening up a world of opportunities to join clubs and become members of bodies that would have previously been inaccessible. Indeed, collaboration is a two way street and it allows teachers to enhance learning through the use of guests and speakers who would never have been possible to acquire in the classroom, from celebrities to country leaders. 

One of the biggest benefits of streaming and pupils being taught online is the equality and inclusivity that it can provide for students with learning difficulties, disabilities or some other disadvantage which would affect their ability to manage or work well in a traditional classroom environment. The anonymity of the internet allows these children to avoid stigma, bullying and easily fit into a class with other pupils. It extends a possibility of equality to those who would otherwise be restricted or adversely affected in a school classroom. It means they can follow a specialist school curriculum whilst also interacting with peers, friends and teachers that might have otherwise not been around in traditional circumstances. This benefit is perhaps the biggest positive towards moving towards online streaming continuing in the future.


online streaming
Image Source: pexels.com

Another benefit of streaming and pupils learning on the web is the flexibility it can provide. Often noted as a negative if being used in the wrong way, flexibility is a huge thing that online streaming can provide. It allows for flexibility in timing for an available time for everyone. The fact it can be recorded means those who have missed the class due to illness or poor health will not be disadvantaged and can go back over the work to catch up. Additionally, it means people who are on-the-go, very busy or have appointments can all be catered for in a way that the normal classroom setup would not allow for. 

Looking to the future the world seems to be edging towards a new normal. The uncertainty thrown at humans because of the coronavirus is undoubtedly going to be the test of a generation. But technological advancements have made this easier. Using technology to benefit and replace everyday tasks has become the new norm. The education system changed dramatically over the lockdown period and saw kids enter the classroom online. Whilst not normal or completely perfect, there are benefits of streaming and pupils using online resources to learn their school work. For many the benefits outweigh that of what is learned in a traditional classroom. In the long term, many seem to be against a move to more isolated technological learning, but you can only presume with the way things are headed and the abundance of technology, which makes remote learning so beneficial and popular, schooling may well move to an online platform in some forms certainly.