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Ways to Attract Customers to Your Online Store

By opening a physical store in any corner of the world, you are assured of getting some attention from passers-by. This eventually leads to word of mouth publicity, until everyone in the town knows that your store exists. In the good old days, new stores got a lot of their customers just by being there. However, that is unlikely if your store is online.

An online store will struggle to attract customers just by being there on the internet. Acquiring customers to your online store is both an art and a science. While you need to create a beautiful website, you also need to understand the workings of, say, a promo video maker for your social media activity. There are many smart and interesting ways of drawing the attention of customers and attracting them to your online store. Let’s look at some of them.

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An Attractive Presence  

Just as you would decorate your physical store with the best of fixtures, decors, and artifacts, your online store needs some facelift too. Have a look at the products you are selling and keep that in mind while designing the website. If you are selling food items, the theme of your website should ooze freshness. If you are selling aesthetic products, your web design should complement it. Everything from the color theme, the font style, the content, and the visuals add to the attractiveness of the website. It is always useful to seek the opinion of someone with a good aesthetic sense while working on your website. 

An Improved Presence

Once a good online store is built, it is all about taking it to the masses. It will happen only when you start appearing in search results. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) ensures that your online store shows up in search results, either when people look for the products that you sell or search your shop in particular. You can work on your content to include keywords that are often searched. You can analyze the performance of your website against search results. You can take a step further and seek professional support for effective SEO.

Creating an Identity

Selecting an attractive brand name and logo is crucial for grabbing eyeballs. This becomes your store’s identity, and you should use it consistently across all platforms. All your website designs, publicity campaigns, emailers, social media handles, etc. should always carry this identity so that strong brand recall is created in people’s minds.

Social Media Presence

online store
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Although there are many paid publicity options in all social media platforms these days, it remains an affordable way of publicity. Choose the medium that best suits your products. For example, if you need a noticeable visual appeal, Pinterest can be the platform of choice. Regular posts are essential to staying relevant among your followers. However, the quality of the posts is what eventually increases your follower base. The content posted should be engaging enough to generate a response from the consumers. You should engage with your respondents, reply to their comments, and build on conversations. You have to find out more about the tastes and preferences of the social media crowd – are photos engaging more audiences or videos, which hashtags are trending these days?  

Respond to Customers

Once your online store is up and running and you start receiving footfall, you will have to be prompt in your response to customer inquiries and feedback. By answering their queries on time, you can convert inquiries into sales more effectively. Negative feedback and complaints should be handled positively and in good spirits. Try to be accommodating to their demands as much as feasible. Smart handling of customers will help you to build a gradual reputation as a responsive brand.

Sale Campaigns

The eventual aim of your business is obviously to maximize sales. This can be achieved through a sales campaign or a combination of many. You can organize a sale and/or offer discounts to attract new and existing customers, increase sales volume, and also hope that some of the visitors would return. You can run competitions with free giveaways, promotional campaigns using an invitation maker or other virtual tools, use social media influencers to attract new customers, etc.

Targeted Content

Generating contextual content on your store and products will help you reap benefits in the long run. A targeted blog section is now an integral part of a digital marketing strategy. This boosts the SEO of your website and also gives customers something interesting to read about. This, in turn, gives your website recognisability more authentically. Once quality content gets shared by visitors, organic growth can be achieved by your business.


As briefly alluded earlier, social media platforms offer paid packages that you can use to promote your products. This enables you to reach out to a broader customer base, going beyond your followers. Similarly, Google and Amazon ads help you utilize their massive reach. With these, you can customize your preferences (geographical, demographics, etc.) and spend on ads as per your budget.

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Image Source: unsplash.com

Regular Monitoring

For all your efforts to attract customers, it is also important to regularly monitor how you are faring in the digital space. Fortunately, there is a lot of analytics and reports available across all social media platforms. Google and Amazon also provide similar insights, using all of which you can compare your online presence and performance over a period. These insights help you figure out the ROI on your ad expense and also help you decide the future strategy for your online store.

As you can see, there are plenty of ways using which you can build your store’s online presence. While considering these different ways, you have to judge their importance for your store. While these strategies will help you make money online, some may be more relevant for you than others. Be it selecting social media platforms or ad platforms; you need to make your choices wisely. With smart decisions and strategies, digital space opens up limitless opportunities for your online store.