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Popular Online Shopping Websites for Students

online shopping

The 21st century has made the international delivery of goods routine. The global market is a mouse button. You can order an antique coin in America or a cheap smartphone in China, and a few days later, your purchase will be delivered to your door. Today, International shipping is not cheap. Fortunately, several websites offer unlimited free shipping. Look through and pick up the best online shopping sites among students in 2020.


The platform allows third-party traders to promote their goods with no additional efforts. The company doesn’t produce its own branded products.

Some products can be delivered abroad free of charge, but it depends on the seller’s conditions. Tick in the filter box, and you will only see free shipping offers. 


It’s an online video game store. If you have already googled, “Could I pay someone to do my assignment?” and found a foolproof writing service to free you of writing boring papers, then you might have a lot of spare time you can spend on yourself. Visit YESASIA for online shopping, and you’ll find everything you need. It offers a great number of games, consoles, and accessories. The site publishes interesting content for gamers. Here you can get almost everything for free. The minimum purchase amount is $40.

online shopping
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The company ASOS offers online shopping for men’s and women’s clothing. The products are mainly intended for young people. The shop has more than 80 000 items to buy. International shipping is free if you spend more than £12.


If you are looking for great cosmetics from world brands at affordable prices, StrawberryNet is a real catch. This store specializes in perfumes, make-up, skincare creams, and hair products. If you spend more than $30, your items will be delivered at the company’s expenses.


The main way to sell things on this platform is trending. The seller sets the time to start and end the auction, and an item goes to the buyer who will raise the bid last. But there is also a way to buy and sell without bidding. In this case, the goods are placed on eBay at a fixed price “Buy It Now,” and it’s similar to buying in a regular online store, and you can even add an item you like to cart.


The website BetterWorldBooks sells both new and used books. It offers useful textbooks for college students, manuals for doctors, engineers, and other professionals for ridiculous money. It’s a paradise for book lovers! The company is based in Great Britain but offers free shipping worldwide. Delivery time usually takes 10-20 days. So if you need a book to complete your urgent college paper, it’s better to contact the college assignment help not to fail your deadline.


Bonprix has good offers of male and female clothing. Here you can find the original design of dresses, men’s shirts, and other things. The range of the shop is wide enough and differs in price categories. Here you can buy everyday and official clothing and clothes from different world’s leading brands. The store often has promotions, discounts, and sales that please many consumers.


online shopping
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This online store sells clothes, shoes, accessories, cosmetic products for men and women. You will buy new clothes delivered to your door without spending a lot of money. Boohoo is more focused on everyday outfits. They have classic clothes suitable for office or business meetings. A small amount of money is enough to get seasonal clothing, as Boohoo often organizes sales of collections.

Amazon Prime

No online store rank will be complete without mentioning Amazon. Here you will find a product for every taste and price range. If you pay for your membership, many products on the website will be sent abroad for free.