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How Non-Smokers Can Enjoy CBD Too

Image Source - Unsplash.com

Smoking isn’t for everyone. From the sensation of inhaling foreign gases to the smell that inevitably sticks to your shirt and skin (not to mention the upholstery), there are plenty of reasons why some people don’t like smoking. So, if you ever wanted to try cannabis in the past, the only non-smoking option you probably had were edibles.

Luckily, the cannabis community isn’t one to suffer from a deficiency in imagination. Over the years, we’ve been treated to a revolution of sorts fuelled by legalization in a lot of states and countries. Seeing a need to cater to non-smokers, enterprising individuals created new ways to consume cannabis without the need to smoke it.


Image Source – Unslash.com

These days, tinctures are all the rage. Chamomile, turmeric, and many others are used as tinctures. Marijuana leaves, fortunately, can also be processed into a tincture. The goal is to extract the active ingredients such as THC and CBD from the leaves of the marijuana plant onto an alcohol or oil base.

The resulting solution is a THC and CBD concentrate that you can consume either sublingually or via edibles. If you intend to use a cannabis tincture using the former, then be prepared for an immediate high since you’re consuming it via the arteries on the surface of your tongue. This way, the concentrated amounts of THC and CBD are absorbed into the blood stream.

On the other hand, you can also mix the cannabis concentrate with your food. Don’t be afraid to be creative with it. If you’re a fan of the keto diet, you may want to try using cannabis oil to replace your MCT once in a while for a boosted bulletproof coffee.

Consuming cannabis tinctures via food produces a similar effect as consuming edibles. So, you can expect a long-lasting high to hit only around 2 hours after consumption. Try to practice microdosing as it’s more difficult to control how much cannabis you’re going to mix it with your food.


If you’re just curious about cannabis but don’t want to get high from it, you can try going for topicals. These usually come in the form of balms, salves, lotions, and many others. Since you don’t really ingest these items, the THC and CBD don’t really get into your bloodstream. You can’t, therefore, expect to get high from topicals.

Instead, the effects of cannabis-infused topicals are kept localized to the area or region where it is applied. Generally, the compounds in cannabis topicals work as a localized pain reliever. And it’s often combined with other substances to enhance the effect. Usually, cannabis topicals contain cooling agents such as menthol and peppermint.

However, there is one form of topical that can get THC into the bloodstream – transdermal patches. With enough THC, these patches can secrete the compound directly into bloodstream through the skin.

Right now, there is a multitude of topicals that are being infused with cannabis. Lotions, creams, and salves are the most common forms. Lip balms are also becoming quite popular as the cannabis industry moves to more mainstream markets.


Next to smoking or vaping, edibles are the second most popular way to consume cannabis. And it’s been this way for a long time for a reason. Other than being quite easy to make edible marijuana dishes at home, it’s also one of the most delicious methods of delivering THC and CBD into our bodies.

You can simply chop some of the leaves up and add it to your dish like a regular herb like arugula or basil. Naturally, salads are also a good way to consume some marijuana leaves.

With products like the Magical Butter Machine, it gets even easier to create scrumptious marijuana-infused dishes. From delicious ribeye steaks to the all too familiar pot brownies, there’s an endless array of dishes that we can now infuse with cannabis using cannabutter made from the Magical Butter Machine.

Consuming cannabis via edibles is a great way to wind down after a long day. Since it takes a long time to take effect, there’s still time to do the dishes, read a book, or whatever it is that you do for winding down. Usually, it takes 2 hours for the food to get to our stomach where it can slowly get absorbed by our bodies. 

The legalization of recreational and medical marijuana use has given the community a huge space to experiment in. As a result, we’re finding more ways to use it in our everyday lives. Hopefully, these non-smoking methods will bring in more people into the fold of cannabis users.