Holy Murder: Polygamy's Blood

by James R. Spencer

When Prophet Ronald Hansen III murders the wife of a journalist who is exposing the prophet's polygamous cult, the stage is set for a desert showdown. Jan Kucera, recently retired to his ranch in northern Wyoming, is facing the religious fanatic alone, except for his old friend, Sheriff Monster Broadbeck.

Prophet Hansen, wealthy, politically connected, and in command of a virtual army, has vowed to kill Kucera. At the same time, the prophet is losing connection with reality, and his own followers face the uncertain prospect of a Jonestown-style massacre.

Can Kucera summon the courage to face down the madman and rescue those caught in his prophetic grip?

Endorsements "Your novel hit a little too close to home. But like they say, "The truth hurts."...You definitely got a feel for the madness Mormonism turns into very quickly. All you need is a nut trying to live out the old ways."
Heber LeBaron
Serving four life sentences in federal prison for his part in a dozen (Mormon) cult murders.

"This story is impossible to put down and eerily familiarÉI know that in reality things usually end up far more brutal and bloody (than this book depicts them)Éthe dream that things could be handled in this way gives me hope."
Flora Jessop A survivor of polygamy and founder of Help the Child Brides!

"This is as good as anything John Grisham has written."
Ed Decker
Author, The God Makers