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Moving Your Home? Read This Reorganization Guide

Moving Home
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The idea of moving to a new house is quite exciting and demanding at the same time. While we are excited about the new beginning, the reorganizing can be annoying. Since the excitement creeps in, every member has a mind map of where to place everything, but doing it practically might bring in an unpleasant surprise. But you have nothing to worry about, we have got you sorted with some important reorganization tips.

  1. Less Is Enough

The more belongings you have, the more clutter it will create. But that doesn’t mean you will not have enough decors to deck up your kitchen; instead, it means that you shouldn’t have more than what is required to overcrowd the space.

  1. Lists Are Your Best Friend
Best Friend List
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Make sure while leaving your old house you have a list of items that belong to you. Once in the new home, first make a list of all the repairments or the fixes that need to be done. For example, washroom fittings, kitchen cabinets, and drawers, etc. Secondly, prepare a list of all the rooms and spaces where your items are going to be placed. There might be some practical changes needed, but having a basic plan always helps in improvising and tackling the clutter.

  1. Everything Needs To Have A Place

Like different individuals have their place in your life, the things on your list also need to have a particular space assigned to them. Be it newspapers, bills, grocery bags – every item needs its own space. If there isn’t an assigned space, it is always going to be put away from one couch to another, or from one tabletop to another. 

  1. Try Having Only One Item Of Something

Having said that, it might not always be possible. Like a painter can never have enough brushes, or a cooking enthusiast can never have too many knives and spoons. But get to a common ground of not having more than five kinds of pasta strainers or five tubes or cans of the same color (unless required urgently). Let go of the duplicates.

  1. If You Don’t Use It (Or Don’t Feel Like Fixing It), Lose It

A new home is a new start and a reason for you to let go of things that you didn’t like enough to use or hate enough to lose. It could be a faded t-shirt, a shoe shelf that has partly worn out and doesn’t look good. Now is the time, give them away if you can throw them. Bottom line is to lose it to avoid overcrowding in your new place.

  1. One Room At A Time

Organizing can be quite a task when the entire house is in question. The only way you are going to keep yourself sane and enjoy the process is by organizing one room at a time.

  • Kitchen
  1. Pull out everything first. Bid adieu to the products that are not required. For example, the coffee-stained cups, the dishes that do not belong to a set, kids dishes that have become discolored, the appliances that you don’t remember were used last.
  2. Define zones and have your cabinets or drawer dividers accordingly
  3. Look at creating more spaces by adding tension rods and hooks wherever it’s feasible and don’t seem overcrowded.
  4. Make a place for every item to be put back after being used.
  5. Make separate holders for lids, pipes, different types of spoons.
  • Bathroom
  1. Throw away the expired body lotions, masks, perfumes, nail polish. (You will be surprised at the amount of space created)
  2. Divide sections as per the members and the usage. Have separate baskets for all the members and then separate boxes for the different items.
  3. Limit yourself to having two sets of hair products, and body products, like moisturizers, face creams. Limit yourself to having hair irons, be it curlers or straighteners.
  4. Separate your daily makeup from the ones you occasionally use in drawers.
  • Closet
  1. Let go of the clothes you have not worn for a year. The additional space that you then see is liberating.
  2. Get dividers or customize them according to your needs for separating your accessories.
  3. Maintain a pattern to organize your clothes. You could arrange them from sleeveless to full sleeves first and follow VIBGYOR next to arrange them color-wise or vice versa.
  4. Keep the heels and the flats in separate drawers.

Needless to say, that the house will be still in a mess, with utensils piling over the sink, towel lying on either the bed or the sofa. But with fewer things to put away, the time consumed in arranging them will be quite less.