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It is amazing that the Great Temple of Mormonism, the Salt Lake Temple, is festooned with every manner of occult and pagan symbol yet it bears no Christian symbols at all. There is no cross, no crown, no alpha or omega, no icthys, no lion, no lamb, nor any other recognizable historical Christian symbol. And yet, we find asorted astrological, occult, and even Satanic emblems. We see star stones, sun stones, moon stones, saturn stones, even the Big Dipper. We see the moon in all its phases around the base of the temple. We see the Angel Moroni--and once the statues of Joseph and Hyrum Smith were nestled in special temple niches--but no representation of Jesus Christ or one of the Twelve Apostles.

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Most of this information is found in the two booksMormonism's Temple of Doom and Whited Sepulchers: The Hidden Language of the Mormon Temple, by William J. Schnoebelen and James R. Spencer.

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