Bud (Roscoe) was 85 when he wrote this.  He was a life-long Mormon, sealed in the temple, the descendent of prominent Mormons.  



My name is Roscoe McMullen, born in Lincoln, Idaho, August 6, 1923,


My mother died in childbirth at the age of 36 years.  I was her tenth child.  I was raised by a Mormon family; my fatherÕs sister and her husband, who had five children.  I officially became a member of the LDS Church when I was baptized at the age of eight.


The first inkling I had of the not being the True Christian Church was when I went into the service.  They asked me what religion I was.  I told them I was Mormon and they said they had never heard of it; you were either a Catholic or a Protestant and I told them I was not a Catholic.


All the years I went to church I never felt the presence of our Lord nor did I ever feel the church buildings were sacred places.  My wife and I were sealed in the temple and I never had the feeling that the temple was the House of God.  I felt it was just a big, cold marble building.  When my wife was diagnosed as having AlzheimerÕs, the so-called friends that we made in the church never called to see how she was doing.  We felt like we were deserted.


I received a book entitled Beyond Mormonism from a dear friend and as I started reading I couldnÕt lay it down until every page was read.  ThatÕs when I realized all these years I had been living under a lie and misrepresentation.  Now I am in the process of becoming a Christian to be with the true God.


It has taken a lot of deep thought and attending the chapel at the retirement center, and the people that I can call true friends have helped me to make my mind to join a church that is true to the Bible.  My goal now in life is to help others to find and know the truth.