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Load the Latest News on Polygamy

Polygamy, Where the heck did it come from anyway!?

J. R. Llewellyn's "Polygamy vs Common Sense" web site

Help the Child Brides web site

Tapestry Against Polygamy web site

Hope for the Child Brides web site

Child Protection Project

"Understanding the Mind of the Abductor
"The Lost Boys of Mormondom
"Safehouse: Slow Going"
"Tom Green Paroled
"Read excerpts from Jon Krakauer's new
      book on Blood Atonement,
     Under the Banner of Heaven.

"Colorado City, Arizona
"Challenging laws against polygamy
Knight Ridder "Gets it!"
"More on Polygamy
"Cult Leader Moving to Texas?
"Colorado City Gets County Help
"Birth Defects in Colorado City
Where is Janetta Jessop?
Allan Harro &
Irene Hunt


Brian David Mitchell & Wanda Barzee, abductors of Elizabeth Smart