A letter from "Help the Child Brides" founder, Flora Jessop.

I am angry and saddened by another slam to the helpless victims in Colorado City, and the state of ARIZONA. Many of you remember the case a year ago with Colorado City Mayor Dan Barlow's son, Dan, Jr. Dan, Jr., tried and convicted in Kingman Arizona for the molestation of five of his daughters. The judge in the case, Richard Weiss, gave the abominable sentence of thirteen days, (13 days!) to Dan, Jr.

We now have a second sentence rendered by Judge Richard Weiss which shows a pattern of corruption and protection of the criminal FLDS Organization. Several months ago a four year old girl was raped by Josh Johnson, a twenty year old, in Colorado City. The little girl's father, upon learning his child was in the hospital being stitched up from the rape, took a baseball bat and paid the Rapist a visit in the local cafe. In the midst of some thirty plus men, the father beat the rapist quite severely. No one stepped into the beating to stop the father. Consequently, charges were filed on the father for the assault and he is in the midst of court hearings now, amazingly enough, he has the same Judge, Richard Weiss, as the Rapist, Josh Johnson and Molester Dan, Jr.

I just learned that the case against Josh Johnson is done. Judge Weiss sentenced this child rapist to ONE HUNDRED TWENTY DAYS, yes 120 days, for raping a four year old child. The father is still facing his sentencing and it is rumored that it is likely he will be given TEN YEARS for defending his child. It should also be noted that Judge Richard Weiss was just reinstated by Mohave County for another one year term. While there are men like Weiss in these positions, NO VICTIM IS SAFE IN ARIZONA. Arizona has clearly become a sanctuary for criminals.

My heart and soul are sick over this and it becomes ever difficult to continue fighting not only the criminals but also the supposed protectors of the innocent. This conviction, on the heals of AZ AG Terry Goddard's statement about AZ doing everything possible to go after those who commit these crimes and abuses, make Mr. Goddard's declaration a mockery of justice.

I will continue to fight for victims of abuse including the Mothers, Sisters, Daughters and Granddaughters of the same men protecting these rapists and child molesters. It becomes more evident everyday that these victims need us more than ever as no help will be forthcoming from the agencies mandated to protect them.

Flora Jessop