From the book, The Miracle of Forgiveness, written by 12th President Spencer W. Kimball:

Mankind has the ability to perfect himself and become an omniscient and omnipotent God (p. 2).

No one can repent on a cross, nor in prison, nor in custody (p. 167).

Forgiveness is cancelled on reversion to sin (p. 169).

Discontinuance of sin must be permanent (p. 176).

Keeping God's commandments brings forgiveness (p. 201).

Salvation by grace alone was originated by Satan (p. 206).

Only by living all of the commandments can a Mormon be sure he is forgiven (p. 208).

Perfection is an achievable goal (p. 209).

The time to become perfect is now, in this mortality (p. 210).

Forgiveness is granted based on a Mormon's works, and attitudes (p. 325).