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Recent Newsletters

May, 2011
How to Survive in a Flat World

Apr, 2011
Your Church is in Danger
of Becoming a Cult

Feb, 2011
Red Pencil

Dec, 2010
Mormon Misinterpretation

May, 2010
Flat As A Dish!

Feb, 2010
Sugar City Curve

Dec, 2009
Blood Atonement

Oct, 2009
How Can They Get
SoTotally Wrong?

April 2009
Coming to Christ
   at Age 85

March, 2009
The Emerging Church

September, 2008
Will Mormonism Ever Become Christian?

May, 2008
Short Creek Raid Deja Vu

April, 2009
Never try to teach a pig to sing

Feb, 2008
Fear and Uncertainty

Dec, 2007
Hypocrisy and Legalism

Oct, 2007
Remembering a Man I Never Met
     (Song by Steve)

Aug, 2007
Four Women from the Internet

June, 2007
Mormonism's Fascination with the US Presidency

March, 2007
The First Six Great Councils

December, 2006
The Myth of the Born Again Mormon

Jun, 2006
Has Anything Changed? The DVD!

March, 2006
Has Anything Changed?; The Cult of Racism

January, 2006
Two Witnessing Ideas

December, 2005
Medford: Where Are My Hebrew Ancestors?

September, 2005
Pocatello: They Wouldn't Stop Coming!

June, 2005
Luther Speaks to Anti-Cult Ministries

March, 2005
Ravi in the Tabernacle

December, 2004
Spying Out Polygamy in Utah--text version      |||||PDF version

September, 2004
To Sharon with Love
(pdf version)|||||text version |||||Sharon's Resignation Letter|||||Sharon's Testimony

March, 2004
Utah Continues to Smolder: More on Polygamy

(PDF only)

December, 2003
Polygamy in Utah; Help the Child Brides

(PDF only)

September, 2003
The Eye of the Tiger; Judging; The Trinity

(PDF only)

June, 2003
DNA vs. the Book of Mormon

(PDF only)

March, 2003
Confusing Times: Polygamy's Blood: The Novel

(PDF only)

August, 2002
"Reaching OutThe Postcard project"

May, 2002
Website &
"The Defference Between Obedience &
an Obedient Heart"

March, 2002
"The Promise of Hebrews"

December, 2001
"Where Was God"

October, 2001
"I Can Move the Earth"

July, 2001
"The Mailing to Manti"

May, 2001
"The Truth About Jesus"

March, 2001
"Skating to LaGrande"

November, 2000
"The Rescue a Missionary"

September, 2000
"How does a Christian do four life sentences?"

May, 2000
"Manti: The 'Gathering Place'"

January, 2000
"Polygamy dominates the News in Utah"

November, 1999

September, 1999
"Summer Mission Tour" "Utah Wakes up to Polygamy"

May, 1999
"M. T. Lamb, Author of the 'Golden Bible'Resurrected!"

March, 1999
"24 Hours in Moab" "Y2K:We're OK"

January, 1999
"Australia" "Golden Bible" "Ann-Eliza Young: The 19th Wife"

October, 1998
"What Is Wrong With the Mormon Church Anyway?"

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Older Newsletters

Archie the Prophet

Margaretta Spencer's Testimony
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Revisiting the Sins of the Great Awakening

Satanic Ritual Abuse

Atonement: How Jesus Provides Hope

Out of Context: Does Kenneth Copeland Really Think Jesus Christ is Not God?
(PDF only)

Blood Atonement

Can We Affort to Validate Mormonism?


Are Mormons Christians
and What Is</> a Cult?

A Mormon General Authority who decided the Book of Mormon was Not divine

Tell me again, You are my brother?

Carolyn Sexauer Tract



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