Is Mormonism Christian?

The Mormon hierarchy attempts to convince the Christian world that "We are just like you." Mormon public statements often sound very Christian. Latter-day Saints want Bishops to be allowed to join the local Evangelical ministerial association.

I want to be the first to recognize and allow Mormonism to change. However, I see no evidence that it has changed. Oh, it has changed the packaging of its public presentations, but when the missionaries present the "discussions" in the privacy of your home, nothing has changed!

For example, your pastor still does not hold the priesthood and is, therefore, unable to act for God in any authoritative way. He cannot perform an acceptable baptism nor can he conduct the Lord's Supper.

And Mormon Scripture still proclaims that "All other churches are wrong" and "All their creeds are abominable" and "All who profess those creeds are corrupt."

In the 1980's one of the most prominent modern Mormon scholars, Apostles, and writers, Elder Bruce R. McConkie, addressed the student body at BYU in a way which should demonstrate quite clearly that Mormonism still is not Christian. The address was in response to an unusual development at BYU. Some of the students were (probably under the influence of the Charismatic Movement) meeting together and praying "to receive a special, personal relationship with Jesus Christ."

McConkie was dispatched to the college to put out the fire. He told the students in no uncertain terms that they should not attempt to gain a personal relationship with Christ. He said such an attempt was dangerous and improper.

Here is the full text of the address