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Mental Health America rates
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Joel Osteen says Mormons are Christians

*God and America*

BYU Professor thinks US Government
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Youth Suicide Epidemic in Utah!

DNA vs the Book of Mormon

Salt Lake City web surfers lead the nation
     looking for "panties," up skirt,"
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I hate to be this blunt,
     but the Brethren are Lying!

Church Disfellowships Leader
The "Lost Boys" of Polygamy
Utah ranks #1 in mortgage fraud
"No obligation to report Child Abuse!
"Son of Bachman, Turner Overdrive founder
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"Sex! Sex! Sex!
"World Trade Center Towers and God
"The Other 9-11 Atrocity
"Mountain Meadows Massacre!
"Eternal Progression??
"Utah woman is charged with abetting polygamy
"Church Continues to Practice Mind Control
"Is Hitler now a Mormon?
"Mormonism: Quitting Can Mean Ostracism

How to Resign From the Mormon Church
"How to Resign from the Mormon Church


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"Stephan Covey: The Seven Habits of
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"Mormon Temple Garment "One of the scariest things
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M.T. Lamb Resurrected!"
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"Eternal Progression??
"Mountain Meadows Massacre
"Why the Mormon Church Sued the Tanners

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"Mormon First Presidency Identifies Strange Source
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"Only in Utah!
"Mormon Church cracks down on email!
"BYU Students Clog the University's
      Computer SystemDownloading Music
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"Investigating secret societies in Utah

 Blood Atonement
Tom Jones was singing "The Green Green Grass of Home" on my car radio as I swung into Idaho's maximum security prison parking lot. I walked up the sidewalk and through two security gates set amid twelve foot high pyramids of razor wire. Then a guard checked my ID, took my brief case, and checked me through what Rolf Kehne, the appeal lawyer, said would be "the most sensitive metal detector" I would ever go through.
       I was subpoenaed as an expert witness in the death penalty appeal of murderer James Wood. I was to testify on the Mormon doctrine of blood atonement.
       I had mixed emotions. Wood had confessed to the grizzly murder of an eleven-year-old girl-who he had abducted while she collecting for her paper route. No one has seriously doubted his guilt. He has in fact confessed to the crime. -more-

The Disappointment of B. H. Roberts
Brigham H. Roberts is revered in Mormon history as one of the Mormon Church's greatest theologians and historians. His six-volume Comprehensive History of the Church is still one of the most respected works of Mormon history. Roberts was a General Authority, member of the Mormon Church's First Council of the Seventy, a group which is second only to the First Presidency and the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. In 1898 he was elected to the U. S. House of Representatives, although he was never seated because he was a polygamist.

Beyond Mormonism:An Elder's Story
No one who saw me deplane at Los Angeles International Airport would have guessed I was a candidate for religion. I did not look like part of any establishment, civil or religious. I stepped into the smog and noise of Los Angeles with a six-month growth of beard, wearing faded blue jeans, a sweater, and sports jacket. A half-pint of scotch stuck out of my jacket pocket.