One of the Scariest Things about Mormonism

I know this is going to seem strange to a lot of people, but stick with me.

I want you to look at this graphic showing a typical page of comics from the Salt Lake Tribune. I picked up this paper while I was in Logan, Utah having breakfast at Wendy's. It deeply affected me. I am not going to tell you how it affected me because I want you to figure it out.
.....I will give you a hint, however. There is a five letter word which I believe describes the tone of these comics. Notice that these comics are not the most popular comics which appear in American newspapers. Some of them I have never seen before. But they are the first strips on the page.

If you can give me the five letter word I thought of when I saw these comics, I will send you a free book. The word begins with the letter B. If you think you know, send me the word and your mailing address and I will send you a copy of my book Hard Case Witnessing: Winning "Impossibles" for about book

View the comics

(try this if you are having trouble viewing the comics)

If you know the answer email me
with the word and your postal address so I can send you the book.

If you give up, you can email me and ask me to send you the word I am thinking of. (Of course, you won't get the free book in that case)
Jim Spencer

Winners so far:
Debbie Collins, Neenah, WI
Susan Boyer, Harrisburg, PA
Bill Gormanous, Lake charles, LA
John H. Newman, Snellville, GA
Tony Mancari, New Philadelphia, OH
Katy Rollings, Columbia, MO
Bill, Pocatello, ID
John Harrell, Gaithersburg, MD
Stephanie Hughes, Salt Lake City, UT
Ree Pauley, Long Beach, CA
Natalie Kozan, Eugene, OR
Nick Cassavaugh, Champaign, IL
Deanna Noonan, Moses Lake, WA
Kathy Moore, Cedar Rapids IA
Trevor Lewallen, Commerce, GA
Carrie Patrick, Bunnel, FL
Alisha Bigelow, Greensboro, NC
Michael W. Fordham, Tacoma, WA
Wade King, Royersford, PA
Allen Wyatt, Mesa, AZ
George Cobabe, Ogden, UT
Tom Auclair, Denver
Jason Wallace, West Jorndan, UT
Paul McNabb, Champaign, IL
Bruce Larsen, Cody, WY
Joseph Blackwell, Honolulu, HA
Brian Oberg, Richalnd, WA
Daniel Salmon, Colorad Springs, CO
Sandi Roberts, Burbank, CA
Craig Verdi, Boise, ID
Gerald Jackson, West Jordan, UT
Brian Florom, Laramie, WY
Irene Smith, Daly City, CA