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6 Unusual Link Building Techniques To Try In 2021


Wondering How To Build Links As The Digital Age Develops? We Can Help

It was not so long ago that Google changed the algorithm to affect the old do follow or no follow links system. Nowadays, there is a bit more to link building than just hiring a firm to create articles that celebrate your business. Now your content must be relevant, up to date, developed properly and, if possible, reviewed and approved by an expert. 

With these changes at the forefront of the business world as we move into 2021, we thought it was time we suggested some moves of our own.

6 Unusual Link Building Tips For 2021

Start link building to add validity to your site in the eyes of search engines everywhere. 

1 – Get Expert Help

Our hot tip for the best thing to do for link building in 2021 is to hire in the experts. Any firm that wants to improve your Google ranking? call TheAdFirm.net a reliable SEO firm. SEO firms specialise in exactly this, so it makes sense to hire them.

2 – Guest Blog with an Activist

We all know that the guest blog is a great way to get backlinks… but what if we started inviting guest bloggers who were the total exact opposite of our firms? If I am a fracker, I invite an activist to speak. Maybe, through opening these lines of communication, we can all get a little better all rounds.

3 – Get Certification

This is a little strange, but if you get any kind of certification from another site, you can ask them to put a link in on their member’s page. It is a simple idea but one nobody seems to be following up yet. 2021 could be the year that we all add weight and validity to our pages by going out and becoming qualified.

4 – Put Effort Into Your Own Pages

Although you might want to be backlinking so that your business grows, there is nothing wrong with using your personal pages to further your own cause. Building your own online empire means you have something to fall back on, should your business fail.

5 – Check the Competition

Have a look around at the top three spots occupying your keywords on Google. What links have they got that placed them there? There is nothing wrong with stealing a good idea when you know it works. It is annoying, yes, but that is why there are so many different varieties of chocolate, so it’s not all bad.

6 – Use Social Media

The time has come to step up the social media marketing strategies your business has in play. As well as free social media accounts, you can backlink from your own pages. You can ask people to like and share, you can spotlight a page or blog, you have a near infinite canvas upon which to try and find new guest bloggers, harvest links, and encourage the spread of your brand.

Building Your Online Empire Is The 2021 Key Takeaway

With every business that survived the culling of 2020 turning to the internet right now, it is important that we all keep building our online empires. The bigger they are, the harder it is to get rid of us, when they fall.