Dear Jim,

Jim, I am impressed! Out of all the different web pages I have searched in my studies, this is by far the best one yet. I have been receiving your newsletter in the mail and decided to check out the website tonight. Bravo! Some background: My Grandparents are Mormon, so any of the Bible stories I learned were from them. In high school some missionaries visited us at my house and I decided to be baptized into the church. Of course my Grandparents were thrilled! I felt that 'burning in the bosom' everyone talked about. But I was still empty, searching. I remained the same person I was before, kept doing the same sins over and over again. So I eventually left the church.

Since then I have become a Christian--almost three years ago. It was then and only then when I could understand the peace of having Jesus in your heart, which was quite different from that 'burning' sensation. So ever since then I have been researching what the church actually teaches behind the scenes, and I was shocked! plural gods, the Virgin Mary who supposedly wasn't a virgin...

So I feel it is now my mission to try to win my family over to the Jesus spoken of in the Bible. Only through consistent prayer may this happen. I am learning to combat their questions if they should ever come up. But I pray that the Holy Spirit will give me the things to say when the time comes.Earlier this year My girl friend and I went and visited my Grandparents for a week. We got into a rather heated discussion over our beliefs and I pray that a seed might have been planted. My grandmother prayed over the meal one time, "That Dan might know where he comes from and know which direction he needs to go from here."

Well, I was reading Joshua and came across chapter 24:14-15 "Throw away the gods your forefathers worshipped...But as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord." I believe that question was answered.

I just thank Jesus for coming into my life, and I thank God for and pray for your ministry. Keep up the good work.

In Jesus' love,