Dear Sonia,

Jim Spencer a wonderful friend, told me about you and how you had made the decision to leave the Mormon church. Joyce and I have both gone through the same battles that I am sure you are dealing with. I guess the difference was that we both saw the errors in the church at the same time and were not afraid to really examine the teaching of the church. Have a brave heart and don't be intimidated by fear, the truth is much too important to put aside. Satan uses fear and doubt as a tool and unfortunately it works most of the time. I would encourage you to pray and really study. God is faithful and will show you the huge errors of Mormonism. You must remember that it is a spiritual battle and the Spirit of the Lord will guide you through this. Mormonism is a spirit!

Mormonism is like a bucket with holes- -it won't hold water. Once you see this, Mormon doctrine will drain out of your life and empty from your soul. Changes have been made in the Book of Mormon and Doctrine and Covenants; the stories about the Nephites and Lamanites (and all the other "ites") are made up; The Pearl of Great Price is nothing more that an Egyptian funeral text- -not the writings of Abraham.

A great spiritual awakening will come upon you both and replace the fear and doubt you now have.

Joyce and I were in the church for over 30 yrs. We were True Believers. We now have a wonderful relationship with the True God and and we love that relationship. We are no longer under the bondage that Mormonism places one under. We are under the Grace the Savior provided for us and that is real freedom. Now the Spirit of God can work through us and even though we fall down at times, God's hand is always there to pick us up and we never feel condemned. It's wonderful to really drink the fruit of the vine instead of water and unleaven bread at sacrament- -instead of bread fand water. This sacrament has great meaning which has been twisted and diluted by Mormonism.

These are some of the truths that you will learn. By the way, the Temple Garments are related to teachings from the Masonic order and are nothing but a deceptive bondage. The list of Mormon errors goes on and on.

Joyce and I will be praying for you and your husband and wish you both the best during this holiday season and we will ask that the true Light of Jesus be with you.

Your friends,

Calvin, Joyce Cotton