Hi Jim

I just wanted to let you know how things went with my second visit from the mormon missionaries. The second visit, a different person replaced one of the missionaries. I assumed a more experienced one, but didn't ask.

I was able to verify with them the historical authenticity of the Bible. I used your outline from "Have You witnessed to a Mormon lately" to bring them to the point where they agreed all later revelations have to be judged by earlier revelations. Then I took them to your comparison machine and started showing them the signifigant changes in the Book of Mormon. After about five of those, the leader (replacement guy) said that the web site was false and that he did not want to see any more changes.

I just purchased an 1830 reprint (by LDS) in case I every run into that argument again.

I said, okay, I cannot believe the Book of Mormon because it has had over 4000 changes, but we both believe the Bible is true, according to your own admission, so let's go back to that.

When I asked them if they were going to become gods, they said yes. When I showed them the three heavens chart, they said they agreed with that too. I asked them if they believed God had changed and showed them how their own book of Mormon says he does not.

They were very nervous when I asked them these questions and squirmed a lot. In other words, they were helpless in the face of the arguments I was presenting to them. Lies always are in the face of truth.

They were very anxiou to leave, even though it was a very amiable discussion, as I wanted them to know I loved them and was concerned for their souls, and that was my whole reason for talking to them.I let them leave, after I shared with them the true gospel again, emphasiszing Ephesian 2:8,9. They were very attentive during this time and seemed touched by the Holy Spirit.

They left, still claiming they were Christians, but, I believe, at least the younger one, left with some doubts about LDS and the Book of Mormon.

They did not want to schedule another visit, but they cannot escape my prayers, which will be with them wherever they go.

Anyway, thanks for all the great info. It helped me understand where they were coming from (because they are very sly about that) and which issues to address and how to address them.

Satan left with his tail between his legs, but the real victory will be when God gives the increase to the seeds planted and these two guys get saved.

In Christ,